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The Young Sheldon Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A spin-off of "The Big Bang Theory," CBS series "Young Sheldon" chronicles the titular Sheldon Cooper's (Iain Armitage) early days as a child genius in Medford, Texas. He does his best to navigate the bizarre social structures that surround him at school, home, and the everyday world, though they continue to confound him. With the help of his quirky family and the friends he's making along the way, however, Sheldon manages to take small, steady steps forward on his journey to becoming the theoretical physicist we know he's destined to be.

The characters that populate "Young Sheldon" are a clearly defined and colorful bunch. No matter who you are, what you've done, or how well you understand most of the high-minded science-speak Sheldon spouts off, there's a character you can relate to on this charming show. Similarly, astrology offers a wide variety of lenses through which one might examine their life. Which Zodiac signs fit the characters of "Young Sheldon" — and who does that make you? We're here to find out.

Aries: Brenda Sparks

Aries likes to do things their way. And their way is a pretty direct one: This sign isn't afraid of a fight, a competition, or the consequences of complete honesty. This might make Aries sound like kind of a tough person to be around, but none of these qualities come from a place of malice — in fact, they often come from love. Brenda Sparks (Melissa Peterman), little Billy Sparks' mother and the Coopers' very confrontational neighbor, is a great example of this.

Brenda is the dominant force of her household and pretty much every conversation she finds herself in. She continuously barks orders at her husband, Herschel — she can even make invitations to relax sound angry — and quickly establishes herself as Mary Cooper's arch-nemesis. Both women know how to get under each other's skin, but Brenda is much more tenacious about it. This makes it difficult for her to see reason. Yet none of her irascibility is derived from genuine hatred or cruelty: Its origin lies in the deep love she feels for her family and her desire to protect herself. Aries simply cares so much and so deeply, they don't see the point in being anything but upfront about it — even if others find that off-putting. Some people might find this tough to deal with, but Aries' loved ones understand it as a gift. Even Mary eventually comes around and becomes Brenda's friend.

Taurus: Connie Tucker

Connie Tucker (Annie Potts), or "Meemaw" as the little ones affectionately call her, is Sheldon's grandmother. She's a woman with a ton of wild life experiences and absolutely no intention of slowing down. After the loss of her husband, Connie decides she's going to continue to live life to the fullest. To her, this means gambling, drinking, smoking, dating multiple gentlemen, and spending a lot of time with her grandkids in the hopes of making up for some of her shortcomings as a mother.

Taurus knows these impulses well: This sign loves the finer things in life and upholds comfort and pleasure above all else. Connie, a snazzy dresser who has no qualms about indulging in her many vices, lives the Taurean life 24/7. This might seem selfish or shallow, but in fact, Taurus is a very deep sign. These folks know that life is fleeting and hard enough already — why not seek joy, then, for as long as possible? Connie is intent on spending her golden years making herself happy, regardless of society's opinion. Her vision of luxury may not line up with everyone else's, but it certainly works for her. As Taurus knows well, that's all that matters.

Gemini: Mary Cooper

Geminis are social butterflies eager for conversation, experiences, and excitement. Passion, love, and joy grip them tightly when they're in a good mood. Yet they're also capable of intense broodiness and can be incredibly nervous. Sheldon's mother Mary Cooper (Zoe Perry) is a classic Gemini: She's filled with intense love and pride for her children and wants to see them succeed, yet she is also weighed down by anger and worry regarding their prospects — and anything that might be sacrilegious.

For the most part, Mary works hard to make sure all three of her children get the attention and support they need. But she's also a God-fearing woman who prickles at media that contradicts the teachings of the Bible and Sheldon's skeptical statements — especially those that might embarrass her in church. Mary's faith is not an inherently negative trait, but her inability to accept uncertainty and criticism hold her down. So it goes for many Geminis: They're bubbly and fun until they're very much not. When Mary discovers her children are engaging with "inappropriate" material, she flies off the handle by getting rid of the offending media and even chastises a comic book store clerk for selling Sheldon a copy of "Watchmen." Like so many Geminis, she needs to learn to find a more even keel — for her own sake as much as her children's.

Cancer: Missy Cooper

"Young Sheldon" might revolve around a child genius, but it knows there's more than one kind of intelligence in the world. Sure, the titular prodigy is smart — but his twin sister Missy's (Raegan Revord) keen observation of human behavior is, in many ways, just as formidable. Admittedly, she does typically use her skills to pinpoint what buttons to press to drive her family members crazy, but that does nothing to discredit her gift. In fact, it just makes it more overtly impressive.

All of this makes Missy a classic Cancer. This sign is intuitive to the point that they nearly seem psychic. They're particularly incredible judges of character and mood: Give a Cancer five minutes in a room, and they'll have everyone in it figured out. Almost every episode sees Missy demonstrate this skill by picking up on body language to decipher what's going on around her — a talent her genius twin lacks. She may not always know what the cause of a certain mood is, but she senses it's there and can usually get to the bottom of it with very direct and honest questions. This ability will probably serve her well in life, as it does so many Cancers — though it means her loved ones will never be able to throw her a surprise party.

Leo: Georgie Cooper

Sheldon's older brother Georgie Cooper (Montana Jordan) might not understand what people are saying half the time and believes "Who's the Boss?" is the height of entertainment, but that doesn't make him stupid. As he tells Erica, Paige Swanson's older sister, his intelligence lies elsewhere. This truth is evidenced by the self-awareness of his declaration — plenty of people never become able to understand themselves that fully. Georgie has no delusions about his role in life, and no desire to change for others. Why struggle to succeed at something he has no interest in when he knows it isn't going to be useful?

Such unparalleled confidence makes Georgie a Leo. This sign is deeply proud of who they are, no matter what opinions might assault them on all sides. They know they've got what it takes to succeed, and they know what they want that success to look like. Georgie doesn't tackle the kind of textbooks Sheldon does, but his mechanical skills and ability to commit to tasks make him as valuable as any genius. Moreover, when he does decide to sit down and help his little sister study, he displays the critical thinking skills necessary to absorb the material and make sure Missy passes her test. Leos know how to rise to the occasion because they trust themselves implicitly. Everyone could stand to be a little more like them — even the prodigies.

Virgo: George Cooper

Virgos are pragmatic people with keen minds and a plan for every situation. One job neatly defined by these qualities is football coach. If a coach wants to win, they have to strategize, think multiple steps ahead, and make logical calls when things don't go their way. George Cooper (Lance Barber), the patriarch of the Cooper family, just so happens to be a football coach and a classic Virgo. He uses the skills that characterize this sign to handle everything that happens on the gridiron, and the misunderstandings going on in his personal life as well. 

When Sheldon's behavior gets Mary frazzled, George usually has a simple solution: Let the boy grow out of it. If that doesn't work, like any thoughtful Virgo, he adapts his plan. But if emotion gets in the way, he struggles to succeed, as so many born under this sign do. When Connie continuously lies about giving George the recipe for her brisket, for example, his love for said recipe prevents him from acknowledging that she's setting him up for failure. But since he's a Virgo, George is never down for long. Once the logical response to helping his family through an emotional time presents itself, he springs into action.

Libra: John Sturgis

After corresponding with physics professor John Sturgis (Wallace Shawn) through the mail, Sheldon is invited to audit his class on the weekends. Since everyone else refuses to take him, Meemaw is recruited to accompany Sheldon on these trips. She ends up being charmed by John's kindness, and the two become an item. Sheldon has a hand in this, of course — he believes that the professor he adores could be a perfect life partner for his grandmother.

John is a lot like Sheldon: He's brilliant, lacks knowledge of social cues, and, above all, has a passion for learning. This intense interest in understanding the world around him bleeds into his sense of right and wrong, making him a true Libra. John believes in balance and doing the right thing, qualities that define the sign of the scales. He also knows, as so many Libras do, that justice can take many forms — and he wants to know them all. Honesty is a big part of the Libran approach to life, which John demonstrates when he confronts another man vying for Connie's affections. The two have a heart-to-heart and reach a mutual understanding. This desire for harmony and keen interest in others make John a happy, insightful person.

Scorpio: Pastor Jeff Difford

Scorpios are an intense bunch. They're passionate, intelligent, and incredibly driven — but they're also secretive, prone to manipulation, and capable of major aggression. Pastor Jeff Difford (Matt Hobby) is a lot of those things. On the surface, he presents himself as a compassionate man who wants the best for everyone. At the same time, he can be passive-aggressive and tends to use people for his own ends.

That's not to say he's a bad guy — he's just complicated. So it goes with many Scorpios, who are often misunderstood. Pastor Jeff uses faith to bring peace and hope to the benighted ... and as a weapon to strike down concepts that make him uncomfortable. He's also someone quite capable of lying for what he perceives to be the greater good. When the time comes to host a Christian-friendly haunted house on Halloween, for example, he isn't interested in saving souls so much as he is bringing in donations. That kind of contradiction is common to Scorpios, who are defined by apparent opposites. 

Sagittarius: Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper shows great potential. We know from "The Big Bang Theory" that he ultimately fulfills this potential, but "Young Sheldon" is about how he gets there — and boy, is getting there a process. Like everyone else's, his life is a complicated process of trial and error. Unlike most, however, Sheldon goes about the business of living with a scientist's eye. Whenever he makes a misstep, he evaluates, adjusts, and tries again. Even geniuses need to fail before they can succeed, as he learns for himself. It is this patient, relentless drive for development that makes him a Sagittarius

This sign is passionate about knowledge, which might just be Sheldon's dominant trait. And he's not content with the kind of knowledge that lets you ace a math or history test, either. Like Spock of "Star Trek" fame, one of his personal heroes, Sheldon doesn't always understand human emotion — but he really, really wants to. Yet even though he can read a book about virtually any topic and absorb its principles almost immediately, he can't do the same thing with societal norms. Thus, he asks questions at awkward times, speaks bluntly, and never backs down from a topic he's interested in. This might be off-putting, but it's what defines Sagittarius — and it tends to be what takes them far. What's a bit of awkwardness on a journey of boundless curiosity, after all?

Capricorn: Tam Nguyen

Starting high school at the age of nine isn't exactly easy for poor Sheldon. Although he's able to run circles around his fellow students academically, he's still a little kid surrounded by teenagers. Once his mother confesses that she's worried about him not finding friends, Sheldon reads "How to Win Friends and Influence People" multiple times. The tactics presented by this book fail, however, leaving Sheldon resolutely friendless. Then he meets Tam Nguyen (Ryan Phuong). 

A fellow fan of rocketry, Tam has also been having trouble making friends. Like Sheldon, he's an outsider — but not only because of his brains. Tam is a Vietnamese American kid attending a school dominated by white students in the years following the Vietnam War. Moreover, his parents aren't very keen on him assimilating to American culture. Although this can be frustrating, Tam takes things in stride. This is what makes him a Capricorn, the Zodiac's most indomitable sign. 

Capricorns are unstoppable, hard-working, and utterly unflinching. They don't care about what other people think — they just want to achieve their goals. Tam's goal is to live what he considers to be a normal life, and if other people have a problem with that, he doesn't care. He's going to keep moving forward, and he's going to do it his way. This makes him a terrific friend, and a uniquely mature young person.

Aquarius: Sheryl Hutchins

Sheldon's arrival at Medford High isn't met with much fanfare from either the school's teens or the faculty. His fellow students see him as an oddity they don't understand and have no interest in relating to. The teachers are frustrated by his constant interruptions and his overall attitude of superiority. There is only one exception to this general disdain: Librarian Sheryl Hutchins (Sarah Baker).

Like Sheldon, Sheryl is an outcast. She suffers from poor self-esteem and spends most of her time secluded in the library, stocking the shelves and reading the entirety of the self-help collection. When Sheldon comes to her for assistance, she doesn't roll her eyes or make sarcastic remarks at his expense — she simply listens to what he needs and tries to guide him in the right direction. That inclination to help a little boy in need encapsulates the life-giving traits of an Aquarius. This compassionate sign is defined by intelligence, emotionality, and free thinking. This often comes off as strange, and can result in alienation. But everything that makes Aquarius odd is also what makes them such radical innovators and true-blue friends. Who cares if Sheldon is a little bit weird? Sheryl, empowered by Aquarian insight, sees him for who he truly is: A kid in need of help.

Pisces: Paige Swanson

After spending the majority of Season 1 having to cope with being the smartest person in every room, Sheldon meets his match in Season 2 in the form of Paige Swanson (Mckenna Grace). Paige is so smart and quick-thinking, she sometimes makes Sheldon look stupid in comparison. The major difference between them is that Sheldon approaches life with Vulcan-esque stoicism, while Paige seems excited and happy most of the time. This makes her a classic Pisces.

Pisces is a sign that often seems psychic. They're not literally reading others' minds, however — they're just incredibly in tune with the world around them. Paige is so intelligent, she accurately predicts Sheldon's future as a social misfit based on his oddball behavior. She's also defined by Pisces' emotionality, which can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, Paige's genius is a tremendous boon. On the other hand, she's crushingly aware of the fact that her smarts negatively affect her parents. Eventually, she tries on different personalities in an attempt to find one that fits. Pisceans tend to lack boundaries in this manner, and struggle to remain tethered to anything solid. Luckily, Paige has her brain to keep her feet firmly on the ground.