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Fede Alvarez's Alien Movie - What We Know So Far

Few people could have expected just how massive the cultural impact a small horror film would have on the world in 1979, but that little film was "Alien," the thriller that launched a thousand rip-offs and a decades-long franchise. That franchise has just grown a little bigger, now, with the announcement of a new film set in the "Alien" universe. 

The series that's known for its Facehuggers and Chestbursters has leaned heavily into both the horror and action genres, while being sure to supply audiences with plenty of science fiction storylines. The most recent entry in the series was 2017's "Alien: Covenant," which starred Danny McBride, Katherine Waterston, and Carmen Ejogo, and more unlucky humans who encountered pre-"Alien" versions of the xenomorphs. Michael Fassbender was also along for the ride as the ever-creepy android David. That film was a box office disappointment, taking in more than $160 million dollars less than its predecessor, 2012's "Prometheus." 

Nonetheless, Ridley Scott, the director of the original film and the two aforementioned sequels, has remained adamant about telling more stories in the xenomorph franchise. And now, the world of "Alien" is set to get bigger and scarier once again, with a promising announcement of filmmaker Fede Alvarez gearing up for a new entry.

Fede Alvarez is set to write and direct, Ridley Scott to produce

Fede Alvarez has been tapped to helm a new film set within the world of "Alien," as The Hollywood Reporter announced in March 2022. The untitled film will not be related to any of the existing stories or characters from the franchise, aside from the inclusion of the titular xenomorph monsters. Alvarez, known for his horror film "Don't Breathe" and remakes of older titles such as 2013's "Evil Dead" and 2022's "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," will both write and direct.

Under 20th Century Studio,s the film will debut as a Hulu original. Meanwhile, Ridley Scott — who helmed the original film before returning decades later to work on two prequels, 2012's "Prometheus" and 2017's "Alien: Covenant" – will return as executive producer. No release date or other details have been announced. 

Steve Asbell, president of the studio, explained that gearing the film towards a streaming release allows for bigger creative swings to be taken and doesn't require edginess to be toned down. 20th Century Studios is planning to create 10 or more films per year specifically for the Disney-owned Hulu streaming service, Asbell told Hollywood Reporter in a separate interview. One of those projects is the upcoming "Predator" spin-off "Prey," which will debut August 5, 2022, noteworthy since the Predators and Xenomorphs previously crossed paths on film (and in video games and comics, as well).

There is also a separate "Alien" television series in the works for FX: the channel shares its releases on streaming with Hulu.