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One Of Ron's Best Moments On Parks And Recreation According To Fans

NBC's "Parks and Recreation" capitalized on the documentary-style workplace comedy made popular by "The Office" and blended it with the goings-on of the town government of fictional Pawnee, Indiana to create yet another 2000s sitcom classic. Where "The Office" pits a ridiculous, slightly antagonistic boss against his employees, "Parks and Recreation" presents endlessly optimistic Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) against a small town whose citizens only grow weirder and weirder with each episode.

One of the best supporting characters in "Parks and Recreation" is Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), the director of Pawnee's Parks Department. The show's creator, Michael Schur, originally imagined that the character would identify with Libertarian politics to the point that he doesn't actually believe in the mission of his own job. Schur told the A.V. Club in 2011 that while they originally thought that premise for a character could be too silly, he actually met an elected official who held those ironic beliefs, paving the way for Offerman's character. Offerman's endearing portrayal of Ron — the character has a hard exterior that gives way to many fascinating revelations, such as his secret life as sultry jazz saxophonist Duke Silver — made him a critical darling. In 2011, Paste Magazine named Ron the second-best television character of the year.

Ron is also a fan favorite and the series' loyal followers are still taking to the internet to share their favorite Ron Swanson moments.

Fans love Ron Swanson immediately showing a guest out of a building rather than give a tour

A "Parks and Recreation" fan on Reddit took to r/PandR to show off a classic Ron Swanson moment: when Leslie asks the Parks Department head to show a guest around, he immediately directs the woman out of the building and away from the parks department office. The man really does not like unnecessary conversations with people.

In the comments of the post, Redditor u/Shagalicious said of the moment, "This is peak Ron." The scene comes from the Season 2 episode "The Possum," and occurs when Mayor Gunderson's representative, Evelyn (Judith Moreland), visits the office to ask for help catching the infamous golf course possum Fairway Frank. Of course, Ron's first thought is to get the visitor out of the Parks office as quickly as possible. In classic "Parks and Recreation" style, Leslie is given the opportunity to form a task force to catch the meddling marsupial, while Ron's motivations rest entirely with getting everyone involved to leave him alone. "The Possum" is the 18th episode of "Parks and Recreation" Season 2 and aside from the episode's fantastic Ron moment, Entertainment Weekly praised April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy's (Chris Pratt) subplot and called the episode one of the series' best ever at the time Season 2 aired.

Another Redditor, u/fluffeebear, points out within the comments that this Ron Swanson one-liner is up there with his proclamation that he can't visit the DMV on behalf of the Parks Department simply because "I don't want to."