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Who Plays Miles Morales In Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse?

The animated Marvel-Sony project "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" crawled into theaters in winter 2018 and quickly emerged as a fan favorite.  It also fared well critically, winning animated feature film at the Oscars, and brought home over $375 million at the box office (via Box Office Mojo).

With such accolades, it's no surprise that "Into the Spider-Verse" is on track to receive two sequels, with the first, "Across the Spider-Verse," itching to swing into theaters in summer 2023. The second, "Beyond the Spider-Verse," is expected to arrive in spring 2024, nearly six years after the franchise debuted.

Between "Into the Spider-Verse" and 2020's stand-alone PlayStation video game, Miles Morales and his version of the web-slinger have become a key part of the "Spider-Man" mythos over the last decade since the character's debut in comics. Seeing as his cinematic debut helped kick-start the hero's more recent popularity, however, let's look back and see who played Morales in "Into the Spider-Verse."

Shameik Moore voices Miles Morales

The voice behind Miles Morales in "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" is Shameik Moore, who, "as Miles, brings the perfect combination of youthful innocence, exuberant excitement and relatable self-doubt to the part," wrote /Film in its review of the animated film.

Six years before he brought Morales to life, however, Moore made his cinematic debut in 2012's "Joyful Noise" as the Our Lady of Perpetual Tears choirmaster, followed by Rick Famuyiwa's "Dope" in 2015. After "Dope" put Moore on the map, playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis and director Baz Luhrmann roped him in for Netflix's musical drama series "The Get Down," which debuted in 2016 and follows New York City's early relationship with hip-hop and disco. In "The Get Down," Moore plays an aspiring DJ who is trying to get his life together. The series was ultimately canceled after its first season, which allowed Moore to star in James Franco's "Pretenders," which also features Juno Temple, Jane Levy, Dennis Quaid, and Brian Cox.

2019 proved to be a big year for Moore, who starred in "Let It Snow," a Netflix ensemble rom-com set during the holiday season. Moore notably shared the screen with Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned Leeds, Peter Parker's best friend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That same year, Moore stepped into the shoes of hip-hop pioneer Raekwon, a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, in the Hulu series "Wu-Tang: An American Saga."

Moore will return as Spider-Man in "Across the Spider-Verse" and "Beyond the Spider-Verse."