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How AHS Fans Really Feel About The Season 10 Finale

"American Horror Story" fans are nothing if not an opinionated bunch. If they love something about the show, they fearlessly tell the world about it. If they hate it, they do the same. So, perhaps it's unsurprising that viewers who dedicated their nights to watching "American Horror Story: Double Feature" have some pretty strong opinions about the way each half of the dual-story season wrapped up.

"American Horror Story: Double Feature" split the difference between two short narratives. In the second segment, "Death Valley," a group of twenty-somethings learns the horrible truth about alien life on Earth when they become hosts for the spawns of a civilization of invading extraterrestrials. It turns out that Dwight D. Eisenhower (Neal McDonough) brokered a deal with a group of aliens, allowing for 5,000 Americans to be kidnapped for experiments every year by the extraterrestrials in exchange for alien technology and weapons. The aliens have taken advantage of this deal and have been working on a program to breed alien and human life into a single, seamless life form so their offspring can tolerate the earth's atmosphere and subsequently take over the planet.

Fans who post to the "American Horror Story" subreddit are always ready to roll with opinions aplenty about the way the show wraps up its seasons. Here's how they really felt about the way the show ended Season 10.

Fans hated the ending for Death Valley

"Death Valley" has, according to fans posting to the "American Horror Story" subreddit, continued the show's tradition of failing to stick the landing of its season finales. "Was that ending...an accident? Like did they accidentally cut the rest of the episode?" asked u/charlesluka94, of a conclusion which saw an immortal (thanks to alien technology) Mamie Eisenhower (Sarah Paulson) fail to stop a mass extinction event engineered by aliens so that they can take over the planet with their new human/alien hybrids. It's a bleak and abrupt ending to a short series, one that had fans like u/Nitsua-Nat remarking, "I feel like I just got stood up on a date."  

Twitter fans were equally harsh on the conclusion. "Just took every alien conspiracy theory of the past 70yrs and mashed them together," said @TrooperFozzy. "What was the point of Death Valley? Four episodes that resolved nothing and answered even less," said @JCalabration6.

We previously noted that fans had expressed a dislike for the ending of "Death Valley," if only because it didn't touch on the lore previously established by "American Horror Story: Asylum," where alien abductions were a big part of the narrative. But the somewhat more benevolent creatures from "Asylum" were not involved at all in the dire storyscape of "Death Valley."

Death Valley isn't the first time fans have been dissatisfied with an AHS season finale

While some seasons of "American Horror Story" have proven to stand the test of time and become favorites over the years, the series has become notable even among hardcore fans for its inability to properly conclude its seasons.

"The Seven Wonders," the season finale for "American Horror Story: Coven," is the first example of such audience backlash. This season featured the largely unpopular (if temporary, thanks to narrative interference in "Apocalypse") death of kind swamp witch Misty Day (Lily Rabe). The Atlantic's Spencer Kornhaber exemplified the anger of the show's audience at the time, saying of Misty's death "of all the characters, she's the one who least deserves to spend eternity in damnation."  

Fan reactions on IMDb agree with this disappointment: the website records an average rating of 7.7 for "The Seven Wonders," a tumble from the 8.1 of "Go To Hell," the previous episode. Additionally, multiple fans expressed their dislike for the finale in the episode's IMDb comments section, blaming everything from the season's major plot holes to its dangling plot threads to the deaths of characters like Misty and even the evil Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) as reasons why "The Seven Wonders" is such a low point. Additionally, "Double Feature" and "Roanoke" are notable for having finales that double as the lowest-scoring episodes of the season on IMDb.

Perhaps the next few seasons of "American Horror Story" will reverse this pattern. Per MTV, the show has two more seasons coming after being renewed for three seasons by FX in 2020.