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This Chicago Fire Spin-Off Idea Has Been Divisive Among Fans

As of this point, there have been four shows set within the "One Chicago" universe, three of which are still on the air. One of the things that makes the franchise so unique is how characters and storylines from one series cross over into another. For instance, characters from "Chicago Fire" may pop up over on "Chicago P.D." and vice versa. It allows for greater development and more impactful character arcs, but the question remains whether we'll see even more spinoffs and in-universe series moving forward. 

Charlie Barnett, who played Peter Mills on "Chicago Fire" until the character decided to move to North Carolina, had one such idea for a spinoff that would've involved his character and Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) starting their own firehouse in Puerto Rico. The two briefly dated in "Chicago Fire" Season 1, so it would be interesting to see how they interacted in a spinoff showcase. While the actor likes the idea, some fans require more convincing. 

Some fans would rather 'watch paint dry' than see this spinoff

A show centered on Mills and Dawson could have potential. The two are former lovers, so a new series could explore them flirting with one another and perhaps getting back together, all while protecting the citizens of Puerto Rico. However, it would appear some fans are adamantly against such a thing happening.

Redditor u/vampyre_ actually shared an article from Looper dissecting this spinoff idea, and a ton of "One Chicago" fans came out of the woodwork to voice their opinions. They weren't indifferent to the idea either; many were vicious in their takes, including one user who wrote, "[I'd] rather watch paint dry than these two in a spin off." Redditor u/Ta-veren- voiced a sentiment repeated by several other fans with the belief that we've seen enough of Dawson already: "I [would] rather watch literally anything else than more Dawson. More [than] enough Dawson happened in fire, I [shudder] at the thought of her returning for a single episode, getting her own show?"

Still, others were somewhat more supportive of the idea, or at least the notion that Mills and Dawson weren't as bad as many make them out to be. This includes u/KimGrennan, who explained, "I loved Mills. I thought he was a great candidate and overall a great character. As of Dawson, I do think she had good qualities." While this spinoff is unlikely to happen, it seems as though a good portion of fans has spoken.