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The My So-Called Life Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The coming-of-age show "My So-Called Life" defined a generation of teenagers in the mid-90s and left an indelible impact on the entire teen television genre. Teens saw characters and storylines that reflected their reality in ways most other teen shows of the era decisively did not. Unfortunately, "My So-Called Life" paid the ultimate price for being so groundbreaking. ABC canceled the series at the end of the first season, citing poor ratings (per Mental Floss). This cancellation prompted one of the earliest fan-led online campaigns to save a television series. Although this campaign was unsuccessful, it showed the dedication of the core audience to "My So-Called Life" and its characters.

Part of what makes "My So-Called Life" so relatable is the nuanced characters and the talented cast. Not a single character is a soulless stereotype. Everyone has layers we discover as the season progresses, providing the series with thought-provoking story arcs dealing with issues like teen homelessness, child abuse, and substance abuse. These characters not only show us how dynamic and intelligent teen television could be — they also represent the zodiac signs by showing us how people's signs affect their relationships and their experience of the world around them. Keep reading to discover the "My So-Called Life" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Hallie Lowenthal (March 21—April 19)

Aries is a cardinal fire sign. They are natural leaders who are impatient, brash, impulsive, and energetic. Cardinal signs coincide with the start of each season, as Aries kicks off spring. Cardinal signs have initiative in spades, as we see when we meet Hallie Lowenthal (Lisa Waltz). One of Graham Chase's (Tom Irwin) fellow aspiring chefs, Hallie calls for Graham to replace their flaky cooking class teacher, and proposes the idea that she and Graham should open a restaurant together.

Cardinal signs are idea people who are great at getting the ball rolling, but often need help to keep things moving and taking care of details. This tracks with Hallie's ability to make plans and her tendency to be chronically late. Her passionate and argumentative natures are Aries traits, but so are her warmth and friendliness.

This combative nature comes from Aries' ruling planet, Mars, which happens to share its name with the Roman god of war. Mars imbues Aries with courage and a determined spirit that can come across as bossy, but Hallie embraces her assertive nature. Aries are often so focused on getting things done that they can be a little self-centered, and Hallie tends to act first and think things through later. By the end of Season 1, it is increasingly clear Hallie's friendship with Graham is growing into something more and could destabilize his family life.

Taurus: Graham Chase (April 20—May 20)

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Graham, Angela's dad, is your typical Taurus. He's a dependable, down-to-earth family man. Graham exhibits the Taurean trait of responsibility in his dedication to his family. As a fixed sign, Taureans, much like Graham, don't like change or taking risks, which explains his reluctance to follow his desire to be a chef and his continued employment at the family print shop with Patty (Bess Armstrong). Graham's fixed modality also makes him an excellent business partner for Hallie, since he can keep the momentum going on projects she dreams up and hands off for completion.

Members of an earth sign, Taureans are concerned with day-to-day life and enjoy having a routine. Graham takes a nurturing role in his household. He often leaves work earlier than his wife Patty to cook dinner for his daughters and is Angela's "favorite" parent while Patty plays the role of disciplinarian. This division of labor in the family perfectly fits Patty and Graham's zodiac signs.

Graham, like most Taureans, enjoys a good meal and a glass of wine, as we see with his culinary talents. Taurus' planetary ruler, Venus, the Roman goddess of love, enhances Taurus' enjoyment of the finer things in life. Taureans are sensual people who need to feel a physical connection with their mates. Graham's wandering eye throughout "My So-Called Life" is a sign Graham and Patty have lost this connection. Trouble may be on the horizon for their relationship, but true to Taurean loyalty, Graham resists his desire to stray.

Gemini: Angela Chase (May 21—June 20)

The twins symbolize Gemini, the mutable air sign. Sometimes Geminis are extroverted and the life of the party; other times they are serious and introverted. Throughout "My So-Called Life," Angela Chase (Claire Danes) is searching for herself, unsure of who she is, with an iconic inner monologue offering insights such as "People always say you should be yourself ... like 'yourself' is this definite thing." The thoughts Angela shares through her voiceovers illustrate tendencies characteristic of the air element.

Air signs are stuck in their heads, rather than their bodies. They are curious and intelligent. They can sometimes seem scattered, but they aren't forgetful. Like Angela, Geminis are often lost in their thoughts. This zodiac sign has a reputation for being unemotional, but this simply isn't accurate. Geminis intellectualize their emotions rather than feeling them, which doesn't make their emotions any less real.

Their mutable modality creates a greater than average potential for Geminis to struggle with finding a sense of balance. They are excellent communicators who love talking and have a knack for written communication, which tracks with Angela's interest in English class and creative writing. We even see this in the letter Angela writes to Jordan, which causes some confusion and leads to the show's examination of illiteracy in Episode 7 of Season 1, "Why Jordan Can't Read." Geminis love writing letters because they can refine their thoughts, which often seem like non-sequiturs to people who don't process information as quickly as Geminis.

This zodiac sign is known for its mercurial nature, as well as its nervousness and indecision. Mercury, the messenger god, metaphorically rules Gemini. This ruler emphasizes Geminis' quick mind and chatty nature, something we see in Angela. She is always wanting to know what motivates people's behavior so she can understand them better. This leads to her frustration with Jordan — he doesn't want to talk about anything, and Angela wants to talk about everything.

Cancer: Rickie Vasquez (June 21—July 22)

Rickie Vasquez (Wilson Cruz) is a classic Cancer, a cardinal water sign. As a cardinal sign, Cancers are innovators, which helps account for Rickie's cutting-edge fashion sense. Water signs are naturally more passive than fire or air signs, which means Cancer might not be the most assertive cardinal sign. Cancers are influencers, in contrast to the big CEO energy more typical of Aries. But this doesn't mean Cancers aren't leaders; they simply lead through influence rather than force.

Cancer's planetary ruler is the Moon and is associated with the maternal energy of the Moon. The connection between the Moon and the tides is very important to understanding Cancer, as it symbolizes this sign's quickly shifting emotions. Cancers are the archetypal mothers of the zodiac, finding themselves in a caretaking role in their relationships. We see this when Rickie helps take care of Rayanne (A.J. Langer) after her overdose incident in Episode 10, "Other People's Mothers." We also see Rickie's momma bear energy in his fussing over Rayanne during the first weeks of her fragile sobriety, worried she will relapse.

Like other water signs, Rickie is emotionally sensitive, artistic, and loyal. Cancers are known for being very focused on their home life and family, which tracks with the way Rickie envies Angela's cozy home and stable family. When Rickie's family abandons him, it is even more devastating because of how much Cancers value family. This is perhaps the reason Rickie is so devoted to his friends — they are his chosen family. As is the case for many queer teens like Rickie who are stuck with unsupportive blood relatives, found family is the support system they end up depending on.

Leo: Danielle Chase (July 23—August 22)

Angela's little sister Danielle (Lisa Wilhoit) is totally a Leo – a fixed fire sign symbolized by the regal lion. Danielle wants to be the center of attention. She's always hanging around, making noise, and being an annoying little sister because she hates being ignored and wants her big sister's attention. The fact that Angela absorbs so much of her family's focus frustrates Danielle tremendously. We see this in Episode 5, "The Zit," when Danielle desperately wants to partake in a mother-daughter fashion show with her mom, despite Patty trying to force Angela to take part. Fixed signs are known for being stubborn, but they are also determined, and this determination means Danielle will eventually get her way.

Fire signs are known for their energy, restlessness, and creativity. Danielle's constant movement around the house demonstrates this restlessness. When she dresses up as Angela for Halloween — going so far as mastering Angela's body language — Dannielle shows a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for theatricality, both attributes the Leo sign possesses in spades. Fire signs are known for their passionate nature. Although Danielle is too young to date, she obviously has a huge crush on the literal boy next door, Brian Krakow.

Virgo: Brian Krakow (August 23—September 22)

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, and Brian Krakow (Devon Gummersall) is a classic Virgo. He is analytical, hard- working, and loyal. These are all traits commonly associated with Virgo. Brian can be very critical of himself and others and is prone to worry. We see this in Brian's dedication to his schoolwork and his strategic thinking about attending the college of his choice, which sets Brian a bit apart. With the exceptions of Brian and Sharon Cherski (Devon Odessa), the teens of "My So-Called Life" are too preoccupied with current problems or fundamentally disinterested in thinking about the future.  

Brian puts a lot of pressure on himself, as demonstrated by his full load of college prep courses. This is unsurprising, as earth signs are known for being down-to-earth, practical, and responsible. Virgos are a wild card, though. Earth signs can be predictable, but Virgo has a mutable modality, making Virgos more flexible and open-minded than other earth signs. We see this in how Brian initially judges others but tends to come around once he has new information. We can see this in the surprising friendships he develops with Rickie, Jordan, and Rayanne toward the end of the series.

Mercury, the messenger god, rules Virgo. Mercury's influence on Virgo is clear in Virgo's curiosity and need for communication. Brian, much like his fellow subject of Mercury Angela, asks a lot of questions and has burning curiosities about other people's lives. This shared planetary ruler emphasizes the connection between Angela and Brian. Although they often argue, they are both motivated by their curiosity and the need to communicate.

Libra: Sharon Cherski (September 23—October 22)

Libra is a cardinal air sign. Libras are fair-minded, intelligent, and caring. Libras want people to like them, and that can make it difficult for this sign to stand up for themselves. We can see this desire to avoid confrontation when Sharon Cherski doesn't talk to Angela about why she is pulling away from their friendship. Sharon accepts the change silently, growing to resent Angela and her new friend Rayanne. Libras might be sweet and loving, but they know how to carry a grudge.

As an air sign, Libras are intelligent, thoughtful, and communicative. These are traits Sharon exemplifies. She is an excellent student who is outgoing and friendly. Libras are known for their empathy, which makes them excellent friends. This Libra tendency works out well for everybody when Sharon and Angela reconnect and begin rebuilding their friendship in Episode 8, "Strangers in the House." Both Angela and Sharon are air signs, suggesting all they really needed to do was talk it out to get their friendship back on track.

Venus, the Roman goddess of love, rules Libra, imbuing this air sign with a sensual and romantic nature. Libras love loving, something we see when Sharon dates Kyle.

Scorpio: Rayanne Graff (October 23—November 21)

Scorpio is a fixed water sign which makes them a bit of an enigma. Water signs are known for being sensitive and susceptible to mood swings; meanwhile, signs with a fixed modality are known for their tenacity, determination, and stubbornness. These traits combine in Scorpio, making them brave, passionate, and loyal. They can also be jealous, obsessive, and manipulative. Rayanne Graff (A.J. Langer) is 100% Scorpio, exhibiting both the negative and positive qualities of this sign.

In the first few episodes, you might observe Rayanne's love for attention and assume she's a Leo. But as the series develops, it becomes clear that Rayanne likes to project an attitude of indifference when she cares very much. The only thing Scorpios are afraid of is vulnerability. Once we understand this, Rayanne's zodiac sign is crystal clear. Scorpio's obsessive and jealous nature is reflected in Rayanne's relationship with Angela. When Rayanne feels like Angela is pulling away after Rayanne's overdose, she acts out by sleeping with Jordan and destroying the friendship with Angela she cares so much about. Scorpios may occasionally exhibit a self-destructive streak, as is sometimes the case for Rayanne.

Scorpios' modern planetary ruler is Pluto, associated with sex, death, and destruction. These might seem like dark associations, but they are necessary parts of the cycle of life and inextricably linked to transformation and regeneration. Rayanne might live on the edge, toying with destruction, but she also skirts the edges of rebirth. At any given time, it's her choice which direction she goes.

Sagittarius: Amber Vallon (November 22—December 21)

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. Sagittarians are the travelers of the zodiac. They are generally considered impatient, energetic, adventurous, and warm in nature, much like the other fire signs. But Sagittarians have a philosophical bent coming from their mutable modality. Amber Vallon (Patti D'Arbanville), Rayanne's mom, has major Sagittarius energy. Her interest in tarot is a natural choice for Sagittarians, who are always searching for the meaning of life. Sagittarians value freedom above all else, and we see this in the overabundance of freedom Amber gives her daughter, leading to Rayanne's wild party and overdose. While freedom is wonderful, Rayanne needs more structure in her life, something spontaneous and curious Sagittarians might struggle to understand.

Amber is funny, open-minded, and optimistic. Sagittarians, just like Amber, know how to have a good time and thrive off meeting new people and having novel experiences. Sagittarius' mutable modality means they embrace change and can be a little indecisive and flighty. Despite loving her daughter desperately, Amber just isn't capable of giving her the stability Rayanne clearly needs. Interestingly enough, Angela often envies Rayanne's relationship with go-with-the-flow Amber, while Rayanne sometimes wishes her mom was a little more like reliable and traditional Patty.

Capricorn: Patty Chase (December 22—January 19)

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. Capricorns love rules, and so does Patty Chase. This zodiac sign is responsible, disciplined, and traditional. They can also be judgmental know-it-alls who expect the worst-case scenario, which fits with Patty's personality. Capricorns can come across as stiff and uncompromising, but imposing order on their lives and those around them this is just how Capricorns deal with uncertainty and feel safe.

As an earth sign, Capricorns are realistic people who are motivated by duty. Although they believe in tradition and family, they also tend to be workaholics. Patty is always the one who stays late at work managing the family print business. Patty is also the bad cop and disciplinarian of the family, a role that comes naturally to Capricorn as they are frequently drawn to law enforcement.

As a cardinal sign, Capricorns have initiative. They are natural leaders who enjoy taking on responsibility and being in charge. We can see this when Patty fires Graham from the print shop so he will follow his dream of becoming a chef. This is a risk, and Capricorns don't enjoy taking risks, but Patty cares about Graham's happiness and realizes the print shop doesn't make the best use his talents. Capricorns might be no-nonsense, but they care deeply about the happiness of those they love.

Aquarius: Vic Racine (January 20–February 18)

Aquarius is a fixed air sign known for its rebellious and independent nature. Air signs can come into your life like an enlivening breath of fresh air or a destructive tornado. This describes Mr. Racine (Roger Rees) perfectly. Although he is only in "My So-Called Life" for one episode, the effect he has on his students is profound. His enthusiasm for creative writing and intellectual debate is contagious. Rayanne starts coming to his class despite not being enrolled and Jordan begins taking an interest in school when Mr. Racine takes an interest in Jordan. Mr. Racine is the first to notice Jordan can barely read and the only teacher to think he has potential.

Aquarians are here to build a new world by tearing down the old world. Mr. Racine gets his students interested in freedom of the press and creative expression through the literary magazine he helps their class publish. Angela, who is also an air sign, feels a kinship with Mr. Racine, and respects his uncompromising dedication to truth and freedom of expression. He embodies the revolutionary spirit of Aquarius, a zodiac sign often associated with political revolutionaries and community organizers. Aquarians use the intellectual capacity associated with air signs in concert with their fixed modality, giving them the tenacity to fight for worthy causes.

Pisces: Jordan Catalano (February 19—March 20)

Pisces is a mutable water sign known for its sensitivity, empathy, and creativity. Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) is the embodiment of Pisces' traits. Jordan, like many Pisceans, carries an aura of sadness with him and tends to escape or avoid reality. He does this by drinking or smoking with his friends, but he also escapes through his music. We can even see this desire to escape in how he doesn't want to talk about anything despite being very sensitive.

We see Jordan's water element tendencies in how he intuitively understands when Rickie needs somewhere to stay after his uncle beats him up in Episode 15, "So-Called Angels," and how Jordan shares his own history as an abuse victim, making Rickie feel understood. Pisceans are generally willing to help others. They are generous in this way, which we see when Jordan offers to help Rickie, even though they're more like acquaintances than friends. We also see Jordan's emotional depth reflected through his music. Pisceans have a natural talent for the musical arts and need a form of artistic expression in their lives.

We can also see Pisces' mutable modality in Jordan's open-mindedness and kindness. Although he makes a lot of mistakes and hurts Angela's feelings, he is not malicious, just emotionally immature. Jordan takes people as they are, easily making connections with both Rickie and Brian, despite being in entirely different social groups. He is a deep thinker with big feelings. He simply lacks the confidence to express his thoughts and emotions because of his learning disability. Jordan's quiet, tortured vibe brings Pisces energy to "My So-Called Life."