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New The Boys Season 3 Teaser Is A Propaganda Masterpiece

Next month sees the return of that squad of Supe-snuffing ruffians the Boys in their third season of the immensely offensive Amazon Prime Video series. Since the beginning, besides telling a compelling story about immense power in the wrong hands, the Eric Kripke-created series adapted from the Garth Ennis comic book has never failed in poking fun at the genre it's flying around in. "The Boys" might have reached its peak, though, after releasing a new teaser for a film we'll never (or want to) see that looks to be playing the Avengers at their own endgame.

Trying to carry as much energy as a Marvel film, but without the minor issue of a decent budget, "Dawn of the Seven" looks to be part bargain bin movie and part superhero propaganda. The interesting thing about it is just how much is solely for the cameras, including a fictionalized tiff between Homelander (Antony Starr) and his extra crispy girlfriend, Stormfront.

Dawn of the Seven shows the end of Stormfront

Besides being an overall terrible teaser that doesn't venture beyond one setting, the biggest takeaway from this Vought-backed direct-to-video standard preview is the fake representation of the current state of the Seven. Boasting the appearances of A-Train, Starlight, and Homelander, the teaser glosses over the fact that none of these three are on great terms with one another but are still happy to stand together in a money shot.

The most interesting part of the teaser is that a Stormfront stand-in makes an appearance, keeping her face out of the shot and leaving Homelander to power up his laser eyes against what he himself refers to as the "Nazi b***h." The propaganda machine at Vought is working overtime to do away with the mess its newest member of the Seven did before she was left without any limbs and severe burns. Fans can expect to get a look at how this will play out when the Boys are back on Amazon Prime Video on June 3.