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The Winchesters Trailer Is Giving Supernatural Fans All The Feels

Like Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) themselves, "Supernatural" keeps coming back from the dead. The series ran for 15 seasons and over 300 episodes, amassing an immense fan culture (via IMDb). "Supernatural" tapped into many key themes such as family, free will, and — of course — saving people and hunting things. And just like the fans, creatives seemed unable to let the world of the show go. After the ending of "Supernatural," a new show was fast-tracked for production (per Deadline).

Entitled "The Winchesters," the series is a prequel dedicated to the two people who made Sam and Dean possible. Taking place in their youth, the series will detail how Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly) and John Winchester (Drake Rodger) met and fell into demon hunting. Ackles will also reprise his role as Dean, who will reportedly narrate the series. With the potential to reinvestigate beloved characters, many are primed to see what is in store. Now with the release of the first official trailer, fans have the opportunity to experience the lives and love of the Winchesters.

Fans are ecstatic to see the world of Supernatural again

Even though "The Winchesters" seems to contradict the previous canon of the Winchester timeline, that doesn't seem to bother fans. In Season 4 of "Supernatural," Dean travels back in time to see the origins of his parents' love story. His mother Mary (Amy Gumenick) is the born and trained hunter while John (Matt Cohen) knows nothing about it until her death years later. Even so, many fans are nostalgic and anticipate seeing the familiar characters back in action.

"I feel so emotional seeing this world back, hearing Dean again. And it LOOKS right, the atmosphere is right," YouTube user Mee Ee commented on the trailer. "Humor and poignancy and darkness. I think this is going to be a great show and an excellent addition to the SPN universe."

Though many are excited to experience new characters in a '70s-themed world, that isn't the only alluring feature. Die-hard "Supernatural" fans just miss their favorite characters, and Dean's narration is a big draw for the show. The trailer depicts him writing in a journal and explaining his parents' past. Though the series is focused on Mary and John, the love fans have for Dean cannot be understated. "[N]ot only hearing, but SEEING dean again made me so happy," confessed user Jacinta Tarenta.

With Jensen Ackles producing in addition to "Supernatural" alum Robbie Thompson writing, "The Winchesters" should prove to be a return to form (via Variety).