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David Is Plagued By Temptation In Steamy Trailer For Evil Season 3

Paramount+ announced that it had renewed supernatural drama "Evil" for a third season just one month after the premiere of Season 2, seeming to confirm that "Evil" is among the most successful original series on the streaming service. Furthermore, whereas episodes of "Evil" Season 2 were exclusive on Paramount+ upon their premiere, the series' first season aired on CBS, and production of the second season effectively met CBS' standards. The announcement of a third season, meanwhile, happened to mention that the show's new streaming service home will now officially allow the show to broach more mature subject matter moving forward.

Co-showrunner Robert King shed some light on the tone of "Evil" in an interview with Entertainment Weekly previewing its third season. "I think a lot of times, horror is really closely connected to comedy," King said. "Someone who's on edge and ready to scream is not that distant in emotion from someone on edge and laughing their head off."

While fans of "Evil" anxious to see these philosophies in action will have to wait a little while longer for the new season's start, Paramount+ released a lengthy trailer on May 19 previewing both its more mature tone and comedic approach to supernatural horror just about a month out from its premiere.

All dials seem to be turned up to 11 in the latest Evil Season 3 trailer

The new trailer for "Evil" Season 3, shared to the Paramount+ YouTube channel, opens on protagonist David Acosta (Mike Colter) laying in bed in full priestly garb and closing his eyes, before suddenly appearing to be in the midst of a hookup with his demon-hunting partner Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers). David then opens his eyes and is once again fully-clothed, suggesting that, while what came before was some sort of fantasy, the ongoing tension between he and Kristen will be a major component of the upcoming season.

As the trailer continues, footage of David appearing bored amidst his priestly colleagues is contrasted with his return to investigating supernatural phenomena alongside Kristen. Said phenomena include a devil-like demon on an elliptical, a maniacal jack-in-the-box that taunts Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi), a possession reminiscent of "The Exorcist," and plenty more.

A synopsis of the season Paramount+ published in conjunction with this trailer describes it as beginning "moments after the end of Season 2 when Kristen and a newly ordained David kiss. The two not only have to navigate this fraught new reality, but contend with David's involvement with 'the entity,' an espionage unit within the Catholic church. Meanwhile, Ben's brain is breaking from the team's unsolved cases and turns to his sister for help."

"Evil" Season 3 premieres on Paramount+ on June 12.