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One Of Darryl's Best Lines From The Office According To Fans

One of the reasons why "The Office" works so well is that every member of the cast plays off one another exceptionally. Everyone has a role to play. Jim (John Krasinski) is the prankster, while Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is the perfect foil. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is the bumbling fool through it all, and Creed (Creed Bratton) is the essential wild card. 

Throughout nine glorious seasons, everyone had a chance to shine. No matter which character you think of, you can likely think of at least a couple of instantly quotable lines they had throughout their tenure, which goes double for Darryl (Craig Robinson). He starts in the warehouse but gradually works his way to a position at the office, giving him a more prominent role in the sitcom. 

Along the way, Darryl has numerous hilarious moments, such as when he taught Michael some made-up slang to better communicate in "interracial conversations." But there's one moment some fans think takes the cake out of them all. 

'Start over' is an all-time great Darryl line

Redditor u/mercedeslyne posted an image from the humorous "Office" moment worth another bit of your time. From Season 5's "Golden Ticket," Michael screws up by sending five golden tickets to the same powerhouse client, potentially losing Dunder Mifflin a ton of money in the process. In his attempt to find someone else to blame, Michael storms the warehouse, telling Darryl, "Hey, hey, hey. You idiot." In an utterly deadpan delivery, Darryl responds, "Start over."

It's such a simple response, and it's the complete opposite of what one might expect out of Darryl. While one would assume he'd react in anger or confusion, he takes a tone almost like a parent talking to a child, insisting that Michael start on better footing with him. The hilarity of the moment wasn't lost on fans, and one user even commented how the line infiltrated their real life: "I've thrown 'start over' at angry customers a few times." They're not alone in saying the line in real life as someone else chimes in with, "I use this one on my best friend who usually starts phone conversations with savage insults."

It's a perfect example of the stellar writing that made "The Office" so memorable. Michael Scott easily could've stolen the scene with his accusations toward Darryl, but Darryl throws it right back at Michael. It's a good reminder of how there's always something new to appreciate with "The Office" upon rewatches.