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The Office Remake You Didn't Know Existed

"The Office" has become one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. And fans of Dunder Mifflin have Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant to thank. The comedy duo helped spearhead the British version of "The Office," which, naturally, the American version is based on. The broad strokes are all there to bring forth similarities between the two. For starters, you have the socially inept boss in the form of David Brent (Gervais), who would be transformed into Michael Scott (Steve Carell) stateside. 

There are also themes concerning self-importance and desperation in the typical workplace. However, while the British "Office" only went for 12 episodes during its initial run on BBC Two, the American "Office" ran for nine seasons. It goes to show the differences between the countries and how each one consumes media. 

But "The Office" didn't end in the States. The premise has gone on to spawn a slew of remakes, including one that could've easily flown under fans' radars.

Some fans recently discovered the Indian Office

Versions of "The Office" exist everywhere from Canada to Chile. But arguably, one of the better versions came out of India in 2019. The series only lasted for two seasons, but it more than made its mark, expertly translating all of the familiar elements to an Indian setting. You can even watch a brief clip from an episode online where Amit Sharma (the show's version of Jim) plays the infamous stapler prank on his coworker Triveni (based on Dwight). 

Recently, some fans of "The Office" took to Reddit to voice their approval of the remake. Most are merely impressed by how well the show has translated across cultures, with one user writing, "The Jim character definitely had the Jim look down haha." Redditor u/TekkenCareOfBusiness comments, "Asian Jims always kill it," in reference to the Asian Jim bit from Season 9's "Andy's Ancestry."

The show may not be making any more new episodes, but it's worth seeking out for any "Office" fans out there looking for more content to consume.