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Comedian DC Young Fly Claims Chris Tucker Has An Ultimatum For Joining A Friday Reboot

The 1995 Ice Cube and Chris Tucker comedy "Friday" is arguably among some of the '90s movies that best hold up today. Since "Friday" is still so well-respected among present-day viewers, the notion of a new sequel to the landmark comedy is oftentimes a subject of discussion in interviews with its surviving cast members. While "Friday" has, in fact, spawned a couple of sequels already, they're both absent Chris Tucker.

In the years since the third "Friday" film, both Ice Cube and Tucker himself have been relatively open about Tucker's hesitancy to reprise to his iconic role, especially with a fourth installment currently in the works. On Twitter, Ice Cube revealed that the producers of "Next Friday" offered Tucker between 10 and 12 million dollars to return, which he turned down out of a refusal to swear or smoke on-camera. Tucker essentially corroborated this claim in a video interview with All Urban Central, in which he shared both his desire to distance himself from his character's affinity for weed, and an interest in moving onto new projects.

Comedian DC Young Fly, however, recently claimed that Tucker will join a new "Friday" movie on one condition.

Chris Tucker will reportedly return to the Friday franchise if DC Young Fly plays his son

On April 25, DC Young Fly appeared on the Fox Sports video podcast Club Shay Shay. While his discussion with host Shannon Sharpe spanned nearly an hour-and-a-half, in the interview's marquee moment — mentioned in the video's title and included at its start as a hook — he claimed that if he's allowed to play Chris Tucker's son, then Tucker will will appear in another "Friday" movie.

"I ain't supposed to say that, but I'm gonna say it anyway, because we getting old and I don't care," DC Young Fly began, broaching the subject of Tucker's "Friday" role. "He said if I play his son, he'll be in the movie. So, if this ever reach out to anybody, get to anybody, I promise you, out his mouth, this is what he said to me. He said, 'If you play my son. I'll be in the movie.'"

Neither Tucker nor anyone involved with the actor has yet to confirm or deny this claim. Should this prove to be true and not merely something Tucker merely mentioned offhandedly, then a fourth "Friday" movie with both Ice Cube and Tucker in their former roles may not be as much of a reach as it once seemed.