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The Office Fans Think This Is The Angriest Michael Has Ever Been

It's no secret that a big reason why "The Office" was as successful as it was (and remains to this day) is due to the inclusion of Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Michael Scott was the boss everyone loved to hate and loved to love. He may have been somewhat incompetent at his job, but he always looked out for the best interest of his employees, wanting desperately to be their friends. On top of all that, he was just plain hilarious with many jokes that probably wouldn't fly today but can make audiences chuckle nonetheless. 

Michael Scott is a pretty easygoing guy for the most part. He may occasionally do something cringey, but viewers could always tell his heart was in the right place. Rarely did he ever raise his voice to anyone, but there are notable exceptions. And fans have taken to social media to discuss arguably the angriest moment Michael ever had on the sitcom.

Michael yelling at Jan shows a side of him viewers rarely got to see

Michael definitely has a dark side that seldom bubbles to the surface. However, "The Office" fans have certainly seen it come out over the course of the series, and nowhere has Michael been scarier than in the infamous "Dinner Party" episode. Fans know all too well this is the moment when Michael and Jan (Melora Hardin) invite some of their coworkers to their house to treat them to a lovely evening out. However, what ensues is an absolute cringe-fest where it becomes abundantly clear that Michael and Jan simply aren't right for one another. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than when Jan breaks Michael's TV in the heat of an argument, causing Michael to shout, "Good luck paying me back on your zero-dollars a year salary plus benefits, babe!" This is precisely the moment Redditor u/EnnardB highlighted in a post that sparked quite a discussion online. Another user even commented, "The acting of these two in this scene is exceptional."

In fact, when Buzzfeed wrote about "Dinner Party," calling it the best episode of the series, the publication highlighted this moment, in particular, as a standout moment, and there are definitely plenty of them throughout these 22 minutes of cringe.