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The That '70s Show Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When "That '70s Show" first aired on Fox in 1998, it quickly became one of the most popular series the network had, attracting a dedicated audience of teenage viewers who tuned in every week to see the antics of the series' memorable main characters. Throughout its eight-season run, "That '70s Show" was one of Fox's premiere flagship shows, bringing in consistently high viewership numbers and earning a total of 16 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

"That '70s Show" remains an incredibly popular series among contemporary audiences today, with episodes regularly being rerun on Comedy Central, Nick at Nite, TV Land, FX, Freeform, and TeenNick. The show's humor, wide-ranging references to its 1970s historical settings, and coming-of-age themes perhaps account for the show's enduring popularity today. However, like any great sitcom, the show's most important characteristic lies in its ensemble cast of relatable characters, ranging from the anti-establishment rebel Steven Hyde to the egotistical drama queen Jackie Burkhart.

As vastly different as the characters of "That '70s Show" are from one another, it's easy to see some correlation between certain characters' personalities and specific astrological signs. Are you wondering which resident of Point Place, Wisconsin, best represents your zodiac sign? Read on to find out!

Aries – Michael Kelso

Except perhaps for his on-again, off-again love interest Jackie, there is no character that better personifies the qualities of an Aries quite like Michael Kelso, the conceited, shallow member of the friend group who plans to get through life on his good looks. Kelso sees himself as the most handsome member of the group, hoping one day to achieve fame working as a model. Keeping in line with the characteristics of an Aries, he is loud, rambunctious, and loves being the center of attention.

Aries are known for being showboats, diving headfirst into challenges without thinking. As a result, they tend to be impulsive, over-emotional, and reckless — all things one might find in Kelso's character. After all, Kelso is known for pulling off insanely dangerous stunts, regularly falling off Point Place's water tower, starting fires, and once even tying a canoe to the back of a car and having it pulled around the neighborhood with him in it.

Beyond that, Aries have a reputation for not thinking things through. This is often seen in Kelso's behavior, such as when he drinks raw eggs without realizing he's allergic to them or gets his hand glued to the refrigerator. More examples of this can also be found in the affair he has with Laurie while he was still dating Jackie. Like an Aries, Kelso can be extremely competitive and prone to random bouts of anger, as seen in his rivalry with Hyde over their feelings for Jackie. However, this hotheadedness and craving for adventure are among Kelso's strongest characteristics. As Red says, "He may not be smart, but he has more fun than all of us combined." 

Taurus – Kitty Forman

The rock of the Forman family, Kitty is the perhaps the wisest, most dependable, and mature character on "That '70s Show." While laden with many responsibilities at home and at work, she is capable of switching between her roles as a mother and as a nurse seamlessly. The main source of stability in the Forman family, Kitty wants the ideal family life for herself and her loved ones and is angered when something threatens to jeopardize her idea of the peaceful familial coexistence — like Eric moving to Africa.

These traits keep Kitty very much in line with the sign of the Taurus. Co-Star Astrology describes this sign as the "human equivalent of moss" as Taureans are homebodies that crave balance and stability. Content in their peaceful lifestyles, they never want to venture too far from home, something that can be plainly seen when Kitty backs out of selling the Formans' house in Season 8 before relenting when she realizes how she would miss Point Place.

Taureans love routine and structure above all else. They are hard workers who go above and beyond to achieve their goals, such as Kitty working a stressful job, driving home, and then making dinner for her family. It's only when someone directly challenges their regular schedules or insults them personally that they lash out — like when Kitty reacts angrily to slights regularly inflicted by her mother-in-law. For all her outbursts, though, Kitty remains perhaps the most levelheaded member of the Forman family and is always ready to help — whether it's having a heart-to-heart with Eric, comforting Bob and Donna after Midge leaves, or adopting Hyde.

Gemini – Fez

One of the more complex astrological signs, Geminis are symbolized by the Twins — two personalities split into one. The character that best personifies this is Fez, a foreign exchange student. His origins and homeland are a mystery, and Fez is a luckless, emotional young man who longs for a romance, plagued by strong sexual urges that lead him to pine after almost every woman he meets. He's among the more rational and compassionate members of the group, though he is prone to strong emotions ranging from anger and jealousy to extreme vanity over his self-perceived good looks and conversational skills.

Fez is an interesting character in his emotional fluidity — he's the voice of reason in one scene, then off the rails in the next. This is in line with the traits of a Gemini. Like Fez, Geminis are in touch with their emotions, though they lack the communication skills to express them. A Gemini's biggest fear is being alone — which perhaps explains Fez's insatiable romantic feelings and neediness, hinting at some deep internal sadness rather than a simple desire for physical intimacy.

Geminis are always looking for new experiences and grow restless when they stay in one place. This is reflected in Fez's numerous occupations and romantic entanglements over the show's eight seasons, as Fez is shown dating several different partners and holding drastically different jobs, such as working at the DMV or as a shampoo boy at a salon. Geminis fall in love very quickly, just like Fez, who is more than willing to hold romantic feelings for other characters for prolonged periods, as seen with his crush on Jackie that isn't reciprocated until the final season.

Cancer – Bob Pinciotti

Bob is the quirky next-door neighbor to the Formans and the closest thing Red has to a best friend — even though Red often tells Bob how much he irritates him. Like the astrological sign he represents, Cancer, Bob is a complicated person whose personality often changes. Initially, he appears as the stern father of Donna, an older man struggling to adapt to the changing times, seen through his cheesy clothing, ridiculous hairstyle (revealed to be a wig), and strange domestic life with his wife, Midge.

However, Bob is hindered by old-fashioned sensibilities regarding marriage and family. When Midge invests herself in feminism, he is dismissive, straining their relationship and eventually causing her to leave. He also views Donna as a girl rather than an adult, blaming Eric for her wrongdoings. All of these characteristics are in line with a Cancer's personality. Like Bob, Cancers are a mass of contradictions in their emotions and behaviors — stern and authoritative one moment, over-emotional and sensitive the next.

Symbolized by a crab, Cancers have a rough exterior that makes them seem abrasive at first, yet have an emotional center lying beneath the surface. They are poor communicators, unable to reveal genuine emotion out of fear that they'll sound weak. This is exemplified by Bob's marriage to Midge — if he had taken the time to consider her concerns seriously, maybe they could've avoided splitting up. However, because Bob tries to hide his emotions, the marriage fails. For all his talk, Bob (like a true Cancer) is incredibly emotional when things don't go his way — lapsing into depression when Midge leaves him, when his store fails, and when Donna takes Eric's or Casey's side.

Leo – Jackie Burkhart

The only sign that comes close to outshining an Aries, Leos possess loud personalities that dominate any room. Known for their dramatic flair, charisma, and colorful language, Co-Star Astrology describes Leos as the "ultimate showmen" in life, injecting high energy into whatever subject they're interested in. These traits can be found most clearly in Jackie Burkhart, the youngest member of the friend group and the most significant love interest of Kelso, Hyde, and Fez.

Throughout "That '70s Show," Jackie's personality mirrors Kelso's. The two are vain and concerned only with materialistic success, hoping to use their good looks to increase their status. Jackie cares only about her image, from which she derives personal meaning. Seeing herself as wealthy, attractive, and popular, she looks down on others in her friend group, especially Donna, who she sees as poor, unattractive, and dating below her standard. This is typical of Leos, who measure their successes with material goods. Despite her vanity, Jackie — like most Leos — has a softer side. She can be an incredibly warm and giving person, as seen when she pays for Eric's engagement ring to Donna when he doesn't have the money for it.

Leos are also known for putting up barriers to mask their insecurities, sometimes coming across as rude or egocentric as a result. This is seen when Donna offers Jackie a home after her mom abandons her, which Jackie rebuffs, saying that Donna "isn't popular enough" for her to live with. This comment alludes to Jackie not wanting help or for others to pity her, preferring to maintain the image of being in control of her situation — just like a true Leo.

Virgo – Eric Forman

Virgos are difficult to sum up, but they are happiest when they feel they're being useful. At first glance, Eric seems like the opposite of a Virgo, as he is prone to laziness. However, under the right circumstances, he'll go above and beyond for the sake of his parents, his friends, or the love of his life, Donna.

Eric often directs criticism at his friends, even though he is quick to take offense whenever someone points out his flaws. This is a defining Virgo feature: perfectionism. Eric critiques every little thing he perceives as being "off" about others, often mocking Donna for her height, large feet, and clothing, which he feels illustrate her "bad taste." However, as any "That '70s Show" fan knows, Eric has plenty of flaws — after all, he is gawky, too thin, unathletic, nerdy, and possesses "small wrists," as Donna often points out. Like a true Virgo, Eric's condescending criticism of others reflects his obsession with his insecurities.

Eric's growth into a mature adult is the main story arc of "That '70s Show," and it also shows the more admirable qualities of a Virgo. Virgos can be unforgiving in their criticism but always have honorable intentions behind their words. This can be seen when Eric stands up to his parents, including driving to California to pick up Donna or even telling Red to "be a man" when Red distances himself from Kitty after learning she's pregnant. Virgos need a purpose to give their life meaning, which helps explain Eric's rash decision to go to Africa and become a teacher, which gives his life true direction.

Libra – Midge Pinciotti

Libras have many contradictions in their personalities, which can be seen in Midge Pinciotti, Donna's mother and Bob's wife. Initially, Midge appears to be Bob's absent-minded trophy wife who is used to unwanted attention owing to her looks and who possesses less than average intelligence, leading to many jokes at her expense. However, Midge becomes a fervent feminist, leaving Bob when she feels he doesn't support her new mindset.

This closely parallels the personality of a Libra — someone who you think you had figured out but always surprises you in unexpected ways. Libras are in touch with their emotions, making them accessible and ready to help others whenever they can, just like Midge. She might not be the smartest character, but she has a heart of gold and supports Donna even when her father doesn't, especially in her relationship with Eric. A true Libra, Midge tries to avoid confrontation whenever she can, although her feministic beliefs lead her to repeated arguments with Bob.

Libras tend to be overly sensitive and quick to anger. They dislike repetition and want a life where new things happen every day, rather than just going through the motions. These traits can be seen in Midge, who takes offense easily at others' words (especially Bob's) and lashes out defensively whenever she feels insulted. In the first few seasons of "Thar '70s Show," she is torn between her family and her dreams of being a star on Broadway (which she believes is in California). Ultimately, to escape the boredom of suburban life in Point Place, she chooses the latter, embodying the idealistic, hopeful viewpoint many Libras have for the future.

Scorpio – Donna Pinciotti

Scorpios are a difficult sign to get to know, as they are afraid of being seen as "weak" for wearing their hearts on their sleeves. They tend to be careful in choosing friends, quietly judging whoever they're interacting with to get a "read" on their personalities. They value intellect, and their actions are dictated by rationality and cold logic. These characteristics can be seen in Donna Pinciotti, Eric's next-door neighbor and on-again, off-again girlfriend.

Donna is perhaps the most intelligent member of the group. She's well-read, knowledgeable about various topics, and usually acts as the voice of reason in the group, which are all traits that point to her status as a Scorpio. Donna is always very cautious regarding her actions, whether it's welcoming Jackie as a close friend or accepting Eric's promise ring even when she isn't entirely sure she is ready to commit to their relationship.

For Scorpios, the only way to take charge of a situation is to remain aloof and stoic. If they share what they're really thinking or feeling, they're afraid of losing control — as seen when Eric breaks up with Donna after she makes her feelings known about his promise ring. Their biggest fear is vulnerability, another reason they remain as emotionally withdrawn as possible. If they open up, they invite themselves to the possibility of being hurt. This is also be seen in Donna's romantic relationship with Casey, who manipulates Donna's feelings for his own benefit before abruptly breaking up with her.

Sagittarius – Laurie Forman

It doesn't get any more free-spirited than Sagittarius, the most adventurous of the zodiac signs. Not willing to be tied down, they're always moving and searching for fun, whether that means a new job, a new setting, or a new romantic relationship. With that in mind, there's no character that better sums up the qualities of a Sagitarrius than Laurie, Eric's promiscuous and mean-spirited older sister.

Though an extreme example, Laurie's personality directly mirrors that of a Sagittarian's. Like Laurie, Sagittarians are always looking for the next opportunity. Laurie has a highly eventful life, mainly as a result of her endless romantic entanglements, which include her affair with Kelso and relationship with Fez (who she marries to prevent from being deported). As seen with Laurie, Sagittarians don't let their past attachments to things dictate their future, leading them to recklessly pursue whatever they want in life.

Laurie's promiscuity is almost certainly rooted in her personal desire for freedom. She hates the idea of anyone else controlling her, and so is constantly living life to the fullest in her own extreme way. Because of this, she hates the idea of commitment or settling down, which can be seen in her brief relationship with Kelso or her short-lived maternal fondness for a baby that Kitty leaves in her care. The natural wanderers of the world, Sagittarians are always looking ahead for the next big thing that life offers them, never looking back or dwelling on the past.

Capricorn – Red Forman

Red is the stern and grouchy father of Eric. A veteran of World War 2 and the Korean War, Red is hard on Eric in his childhood and incredibly strict during his son's teenage years. While he rarely has emotional interactions with his family members — seeing it as "unmanly" to talk about his feelings — Red occasionally reveals a much softer side, such as when he tells Eric he loves him when he leaves for Africa.

Red's personality is very similar to that of a Capricorn's. Commonly seen as one of the most emotionally walled-off astrological signs, Capricorns have difficulty opening up to others. They are responsible but have a constant fear of failure, deriving their self-worth from their achievements. This is seen when Red is unemployed, as his self-esteem plummets, and he even fears Kitty will leave him because he can't find a job. However, Capricorns, like Red, are incredibly hard workers who shoulder their way past any obstacles.

Capricorns are uneasy whenever anyone else tells them what to do. Whenever Red feels like his kids are getting out of hand, he cracks down even harder on them, enforcing new rules or taking away privileges, like Eric's keys to the Vista Cruiser. He's not afraid to take charge in any situation, even those he has nothing to do with — such as staging an intervention for Donna because of her disrespectful attitude to Bob when he tries telling her to stop dating Casey. This constant desire to be in control might stem from Red's own belief in self-dependency, with Red hating the idea of relying on others for help, another key characteristic of a Capricorn.

Aquarius – Steven Hyde

The laidback anti-establishment member of the friend group is Steven Hyde. A self-professed burnout with no ambitions for the future, Hyde is the archetypical '70s teenager in "That '70s Show." Abandoned by his alcoholic parents, Hyde displays a hardened view of the world and is distrustful of everything in it, making himself emotionally available to only a handful of people. From an astrological standpoint, this all points to Hyde being an Aquarius — someone who actively avoids their emotions and always feels like an outsider.

Having been rejected by his parents, Hyde is reluctant to form attachments. However, Hyde doesn't want people feeling bad for him or taking pity, wearing his flaws like a shield of armor and displaying them almost with pride (or at the very least indifference, as seen when he answers Red's questions about his future). Aquarians enjoy living on the fringes of society, defying social standards, and sticking out from a crowd. Like Hyde, they love going one way when everyone else goes the other, always attempting to defy expectations and remain unique.

Hyde hates being seen like everyone else and values his personal freedom above all else. Hyde doesn't want to fit in, as he feels that labels result in conformity. This is a telltale sign of an Aquarian — someone who would rather be seen as an interesting loner rather than another face in the crowd. In typical Aquarian fashion, Hyde will do anything it takes to remain outside the norm, from his casual mode of dress to his belief in ridiculous conspiracy theories, like the car that runs on water he mentions several times.

Pisces – Leo

The wisest and most down-to-earth of the zodiac signs, Pisces have a chance to learn from every preceding astrological sign, growing more humble as a result. When it comes down to it, there's arguably no character more levelheaded (if a bit spaced-out) than aged hippie Leo, a local Point Place resident who acts as a mentor of sorts to Hyde and his friends. A heavy marijuana user, Leo is very much the stereotypical '70s character, frequently goofing off, neglecting his responsibilities, and espousing sage-like advice to Hyde about life — even acting as the angel on Hyde's shoulder whenever he faces an internal dispute.

Pisces are known for their sensitivity and being in touch with their emotions. They're a deep well of wisdom, always looking inward and living in a world divided between their imagination and reality. As a result, they tend to come off as a little absent. While not necessarily book smart, Pisces use their life experiences to learn and grow.

Pisces sometimes seem like mystical creatures whose feelings know no bounds. This is another indication that Leo is indeed a Pisces, as his frequent forgetfulness can signify his detachment from reality. Further evidence of this can be seen in his indifference to adult duties like work and money. Leo sees how little these things matter in the grand scheme, preferring to derive his pleasures from mundane activities like hanging out with his friends. This allows Leo to get immense enjoyment out of the smallest moments in his life — moments that others would be quick to overlook.