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Angela Kinsey Reveals The Office Scene She Thought Was Totally Gross

Considering the fact that "The Office" is a workplace sitcom focused on a company that sells paper, there are quite a lot of surprisingly gross moments littered throughout the series. A few nauseating examples include the time when Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) mimics giving birth in the office using a watermelon lathered in butter, and the time when Dwight eats a hard-boiled egg next to a pregnant Pam Beasly (Jenna Fischer), who vomits and sets off a chain reaction of vomiting all throughout the room.

Other disgusting moments in "The Office" include the time when Todd Packer (David Koechner) appears to defecate in Michael Scott's (Steve Carrell) office, or the time when Dwight's brother Mose (played by writer and producer Michael Schur) pelts Dwight with cow feces. All told, there are plenty of moments throughout the office that are exceptionally gross to watch, and according to actor Angela Kinsey (who played Angela Martin in the series), there is one scene, in particular, that was so gross to film that it actually made her sick in real life.

Kinsey actually felt sick while filming the Booze Cruise

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly in which she and Jenna Fischer promoted their new book, "The Office BFFs," Angela Kinsey referenced a scene from the episode "Booze Cruise" in which her character, Angela, is puking off the side of the boat. According to Kinsey, the fake vomit was so disgusting it almost made her vomit for real. "It was basically picking what type of cold soup you want to hold in your mouth," Kinsey explained. "I mean, I almost did really vomit."

Kinsey went on to describe how she chose minestrone soup, thinking it would be less nauseating than mushroom soup. "Cold vegetables in your mouth in a liquid form is not good," the actor admitted. "It's pretty gross." Combining the soggy vegetables with the ever-rocking boat, it's a miracle that Kinsey managed to keep her stomach in check while filming — though she admitted that she still had a blast while filming the episode. In any case, perhaps fans will look at that scene in a new light the next time they watch "Booze Cruise," knowing that Angela's nausea is 100% authentic.