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The Cyborg Theory That Had Big Bang Theory Fans Looking Twice At Bernadette

Whenever you have a massively popular film franchise or TV series, fan theories will inevitably follow. Viewers always want to be one step ahead of the writers, so it makes sense they'd go to the ends of the earth to figure out where something is all headed. Sometimes, fans strike a gold mine. In other instances, the fan theories are simply too farfetched to make their way into canon. Still, they can be a ton of fun to think about and ruminate on even long after a series has ended. 

That's certainly the case with one of the most popular sitcoms of the 21st century — "The Big Bang Theory." The show may have ended after 12 hilarious seasons, but fans continue to think about it and ponder what storylines could have been. One such theory would have radically changed the character of Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), and while it's fun to think about, one "Big Bang Theory" actor was quick to shoot it down while the show was still on the air. 

Jim Parsons shot down the 'Bernadette is a cyborg' theory

It was a virtual miracle when Howard (Simon Helberg) got himself a girlfriend. He never had the easiest time with the ladies, and most of the time, he came across as creepy rather than romantic. That all changed with Bernadette, who didn't mind Howard's various eccentricities. It almost feels as though she was made for him, and according to some fans, she might have been. 

A prominent fan theory has circulated on various "Big Bang Theory" forums stating how Bernadette is actually a cyborg created by Howard. After all, Howard is an intelligent aerospace engineer, so it's feasible he'd have the know-how to construct an autonomous being. She also has all of the qualities Howard's looking for in a woman, but sadly, this theory doesn't appear to hold any water. During an appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon, was asked about this theory and whether it was plausible. Parsons responded, "In a literal way, no."

It makes sense; Howard may be a smart guy, but building a fully sentient life form is pretty advanced, even for him. It makes far more sense for Howard to have simply met his soulmate. Besides, there are plenty of other intriguing fan theories about "The Big Bang Theory" out there, such as the one about Penny (Kaley Cuoco) being in witness protection. With fans continuing to binge-watch the series, more fan theories are bound to emerge for quite some time.