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The My 600-Lb Life Episode That Fans Find The Most Depressing

Some wellness shows on the TLC roster have a comedic air about them, whether it's Amy and Tammy Slaton passing gas on "1000-lb Sisters" or Vanessa Cross running naked through a campsite on "1000-lb Best Friends." As for "My 600-lb Life," the lighthearted moments are slim to none.

The series chronicles Dr. Younan Nowzaradan's patients, many of whom likely won't live much longer without bariatric surgery and major lifestyle changes. Each episode has sad elements, from the individual recalling childhood trauma to clips of them struggling to do simple tasks, such as taking a shower. However, fans of the show agree that a select few stories are more heartbreaking than the rest.

A prime example is Sean Milliken, whose journey is shared on Season 4, Episode 12 of "My 600-lb Life" and Season 5, Episode 4 of "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?" As he battled depression and the loss of his mother, his weight drastically fluctuated from month to month. Though Dr. Now attempted to get Sean through these dark days, he passed away in February 2019 at the age of 29 after an infection led to other complications (via TMZ).

But there's another patient, one who didn't live long enough to appear on "Where Are They Now?," whose story fans feel is the most devastating.

The story of Robert, who died before he could get married, is the saddest

"My 600-lb Life" Season 6, Episode 8 shows the story of Robert Buchel, who after losing enough of his nearly 900 pounds, had big plans to marry fiancé Kathryn Lemanski and start a family.

Not only did Dr. Now restrict his diet, he also limited Robert's intake of pain killers — something he'd come to rely on over the years. Despite making progress and dropping approximately 300 pounds, including 40 from a lymphedema removal surgery, Robert struggled to stay motivated without the painkillers. On November 15, 2017, with Kathryn by his side, he suffered a fatal heart attack.

On Reddit, many fans of "My 600-lb Life" agreed that Robert's episode is the saddest. U/less-than-stellar said, "The episode started off on such a positive note with Rob making the changes ... Watching his fiancé and mother cry in Dr. Now's office at the end just had me ... crying hardcore."

A number of fans mourned for Kathryn, who instead of making wedding plans was forced to make arrangements for a funeral. U/Makemewantitbad noted, "She had her makeup done really nice, but her hair just haphazardly pulled back, as if she went through the trouble of doing her makeup and then just didn't have it in herself to do anything with her hair. I felt that."

Despite his tragic death, Robert's story ended with an air of hope. Kathryn, his mother, and Dr. Now expressed their hope that someone in a similar situation will see the episode and be inspired to take action sooner.