The Best Time Pam Ever Broke Character On The Office

NBC's "The Office" may have done more to glamourize the American business workplace than any other piece of media. In the context of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, sitting at a desk or cubicle with piles of busywork to slog through somehow appears ... fun? Many of us cannot deny having envied the show's characters who get to be present in a chaotic, yet magical world of increasingly complex prank wars or fire drills that have gone awry.

Of course, the magic of "The Office" likely does not stem from any of the titular setting's inherent qualities. Instead, it comes from the chemistry between the show's cast members – it's no secret that they got along and still do. The series' mockumentary format allows for dialogue that often feels more natural than most fictional conversation — Pam Beesly, played by Jenna Fischer, is so endearing partly because of how believable she is. Her character talks and acts like many people realistically do. For the cast as a whole, having their characters speak this way is especially conducive to improvisation.

However, ad-libbing with your friends might not always be so easy when the goal is to capture and produce some footage on a deadline. A steel poise is required to avoid letting out any laughs amid the antics of your professionally hilarious coworkers. Indeed, many of the show's actors have learned this the hard way, and Fischer is no exception, resulting in some delightful moments where Pam appears to break character.

Pam's own yawn serves as improv material

One particular blooper scene from Season 2 takes place during a meeting of the Party Planning Committee, which is made up of Pam, Angela (Angela Kinsey), and Phyllis (Phyllis Smith). As they negotiate cake logistics and scribble notes, Pam lets out a mighty yawn. Angela promptly sets her pencil down, and her actress sees an opportunity to glare at Pam and say, "I'm sorry. Are we boring you?"

Fischer may have genuinely been feeling sleepy at this point, but she's still quick to react to the situation. However, her response isn't especially measured. "Not Phyllis," Pam says pointedly. Then, after a beat of perhaps realizing how lame of a comeback that was, she cracks a grin and fails to keep holding Angela's gaze. That causes even Angela to break her stern countenance; everyone in the room falls apart into chuckles.

If anyone's going to make Fischer break, it's Kinsey. Despite their character's entertaining friction, the two are self-declared best friends both on and off of the set, and they even co-host a podcast together where they rewatch episodes of "The Office" while providing behind-the-scenes commentary. It's good to see Fischer and Kinsey so comfortable together, and it speaks to the greater camaraderie of all the funny, creative minds at work to make this beloved show.