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One Of The Best Fry And Bender Moments According To Futurama Fans

Philip J. Fry (Billy West) from "Futurama" is the textbook definition of a man out of time, considering he wound up in cryostasis for 1,000 years before waking up in the 31st century. Such a situation couldn't possibly be easy to adjust to, yet he wasted little time making the most of a bad situation. He collected himself, set out into the world, and even got himself a job at Planet Express as a delivery boy. Along the way, he even picked up a bunch of friends that helped guide him through the world's many changes.

As "Futurama" went on, Fry grew close with the likes of Leela (Katey Sagal) and Hermes (Phil LaMarr), but his friendship with Bender (John DiMaggio) proved extra special. Sure, the loud-mouthed robot might not make the wisest decisions, and he harbors a clear desire to destroy the entirety of humanity, but when it comes to Fry, he often puts all of that aside. After all, they're best friends — a fact that has led them to share in some unforgettable moments together throughout the seven seasons of "Futurama."

One could easily list off numerous iconic Fry and Bender moments, but, in the eyes of many "Futurama" fans, this interaction endures as one of the best the show ever presented.

Fry forgetting he didn't grow up with Bender was too funny

Near the end of "Futurama" Season 7, the episode "Leela and the Genestalk" graced the small screen, featuring the titular cyclops in a fight for her life. A mutation — referred to as squidification — causes her to grow tentacles, so the Planet Express gang has to find a way to cure her. Much to the behest of everyone, Fry buys magic beans that end up sprouting a beanstalk with a genetic engineering facility disguised as a castle at the top. Leela ends up captured, prompting Fry and Bender to come to her rescue. 

During their voyage, the duo happens upon the "castle," which Fry recalls looks like a mural that was painted on his cousin's van. Since he has no recollection of Fry's life before meeting him in the 31st century, Bender blurts out, "I keep telling you we didn't grow up together!" To Reddit user cclarke1258, this is up there with the very best of Fry and Bender's exchanges on the show, and many folks happily agreed. At the same time, several other Redditors in the thread threw their personal picks in the ring, and one could easily make a case for all of them.

Fry and Bender comprise one of the most iconic best buddy pairings in television history, and it'll be great to see them back to their old antics when "Futurama" returns on Hulu. We'll just have to wait and see when it premieres if Fry finally got it through his head that he and Bender didn't grow up together.