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The Office Episode That Always Leaves Fans In Tears

Whether it's "Friends," "Seinfeld" or "Parks and Recreation," these beloved sitcoms are often revisited when one needs a good, comforting laugh. However, even the funniest of shows aren't immune from tear-jerking moments, such as Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) getting off the plane to Paris to be with Ross Geller (David Schwimmer). NBC's "The Office" is no exception to this rule. While the majority of the series is full of the hilariously cringy hijinks of Michael Scott (Steve Carell), regional manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch, there are a handful of storylines that kickstart the waterworks among viewers.

A prime example is the two-part episode "Niagara" in Season 6, which features Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) getting married. Given the entire dysfunctional office's attendance at the ceremony, there's naturally a slew of comedic scenes. Yet when the couple sneaks away to privately tie the knot on a boat, and as a montage of their relationship is shown, it's almost impossible for fans to not get choked up.

During this major life milestone and countless others, such as when Pam goes into labor with daughter Cece, Michael is fiercely present and supportive. That's why one particular episode, which shows Jim and Pam returning the favor, never fails to leave "The Office" fans in tears.

The Office fans always cry when Michael leaves for Colorado

Fans of "The Office" named Episode 23 ("Goodbye, Michael Part 2"), when Michael moves to Colorado to be with Holly Flax (Amy Ryan), as the most tear-inducing of the series. Michael secretly decides to leave a day early and must rush to have a final special moment with each employee. Jim is the only one that catches on. Both are choked up as Jim calls Michael the "best boss I ever had."

As Michael heads to the airport, Pam is out running errands and seeing a movie, with Jim frantically texting her to come back. At the airport, just as Michael starts walking to his gate, Pam comes sprinting barefoot to give him a huge hug. She then tearfully tells the camera, "He said he was just really excited to get home and see Holly."

On Reddit, u/The Gnomie wrote, "I start crying everytime I watch this episode." Another user shared, "Pam rushing to the airport tops it off for me." u/doodzrool admitted, "I bawl. Like a whale. I cry so hard." u/solom112 hailed it as "the realest thing I've felt in all my time watching TV."

Some users even described this episode as the unofficial conclusion of the series. u/brokowska420 commented, "That was really the end of the show for me right there." Later seasons of "The Office," which see new leadership in the form of Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) and Robert California (James Spader), are many fans' least favorite. Though Michael's antics oftentimes get on the team's nerves, Dunder Mifflin loses something special when Michael leaves.