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Blue Bloods Fans Know Exactly What They Want From Season 13

The CBS television series "Blue Bloods" is a wild ride through the professional and home lives of the Reagans, a family deeply entrenched within the world of law enforcement in New York City. From Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) to Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), there are few aspects of the criminal justice system not touched at some level by a member of the Reagan family.

"Blue Bloods" experiences some rather big shake-ups in Season 12. In addition to showing how much the Reagan family has grown in the last 12 years, the season features a number of interesting stories. In one episode, Danny seeks the advice of a psychic in order to solve a murder. In another episode, the district attorney's office changes how the crime of armed robbery is classified, leading to a notable dispute within the walls of the Reagan household. 

Some "Blue Bloods" fans have taken to a robust online forum to discuss their hopes for Season 13 of the series, and it seems like there is a common request from fans regarding a specific character.

Fans would love to see more of Joe Hill in Season 13

In a thread posted to the r/BlueBloods subreddit, u/Psychological-Low78 posed a question about what fans would like to see from Season 13 of "Blue Bloods." In response, several users offered a variety of opinions, though many brought up one specific character. "I want more Joe episodes," u/prosperosniece replied, " [I] fell in love with the character the second he walked into Frank's office."

Of course, Joe Hill (Will Hochman) is a fairly recent addition to the "Blue Bloods" cast. Hochman first portrayed the character in Season 10, Episode 19 ("Justifies the Means"), the episode in which he is introduced as the long-lost son of Joe Reagan. Of course, longtime fans of "Blue Bloods" will recognize Joe Reagan as the deceased son of Frank Reagan and the oldest sibling to Danny, Erin, and Jamie. Since his debut, Frank's eldest grandson has evidently proven to be a popular character among "Blue Bloods" fans.

More than a few Reddit users offered similar opinions. Notably, u/kayky97 also wrote that they want to see more of Joe and emphasized their love for the character. Interestingly, u/LCPhotowerx said that they would like to see less of Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), but give her screen time to Joe, and rename him Joe Reagan II. Likewise, u/calisto_fox offered a laundry list of wants. While the user's wishlist was quite varied, they notably included "More Joe Hill" several times in the list.

In a world often filled with disagreement, it would seem that most "Blue Bloods" fans can at least agree on one thing — the show needs much more Joe Hill!