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The Nicolas Cage Movie You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Nicolas Cage is one of Hollywood's most expressive and versatile actors. With a filmography that exceeds 100 movies to his name, Cage has amply proved his range — and his penchant for putting 100% of his intensity into a wide variety of roles. Arthouse indies, blockbuster franchises, Oscar-winning dramas, direct-to-video action flicks, adult romances, animated family films — it's all in Cage's roomy wheelhouse. Though the meme-able movie star definitely has a comfort zone, there truly is a Nicolas Cage for everybody. 

But perhaps you're looking for more than a mere recommendation of one of Cage's many, many films. Perhaps you're interested in knowing precisely which Cage movie best represents you, according to the wisdom of the cosmos. We can't guarantee he'll bring you health, wealth, love, or happiness, but we can guarantee you'll see something of yourself in his super-emotive face. This is the Nicolas Cage movie you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Kick-Ass

Aries likes to lead the pack. The ram is the first sign of the zodiac, and appropriately, its representatives tend to charge forward and grab life by the horns. They're confident, charismatic, assertive, energetic, and don't back away from a challenge. All of this makes them strong fighters and good choices for leadership positions, particularly in the military and law enforcement. But, since they often speak and act before taking the time to think their way through a situation, they're prone to making mistakes and don't always finish what they start. When you're in a bind, a fearless and adrenaline-heavy Aries will be first on the scene, ready to help — but things might not go as planned.

These traits describe a great many Nicolas Cage performances, but 2010's "Kick-Ass" stands above the rest. "Kick-Ass" tells the story of Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), a teenage boy whose obsession with comics compels him to try to become a superhero himself, despite his lack of superpowers or crime-fighting skills. Predictably, it doesn't go well — at least, not until he crosses paths with Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), a father-daughter pair of masked vigilantes who've taken on the mob. "Kick-Ass" is Aries incarnate: Bold, brash, and full of characters who barely think twice about putting themselves in harm's way for the greater good.  

Taurus: Pig

Those born under the sign of Taurus are salt-of-the-earth folks who like solitude, stability, and creature comforts. These grounded, dependable people tend to bloom where they're planted, which makes them excellent friends, partners, or employees. Taureans also make good farmers, gardeners, and cooks, as they're particularly attuned to sensual pleasures and have a deep passion for creating beautiful, organic masterpieces: Fine flower arrangements, gourmet food, and gorgeous interiors are this sign's jam. But Taurus folks are also cautious to a fault, making them too slow to respond to critical situations.

2021's "Pig" is a critical darling and a perfect Taurus film. When you hear what it's about — a former chef who tracks down the men who beat him and stole his precious truffle-hunting pig — you might expect something in the vein of "John Wick." But, like a Taurus, "Pig" is much deeper and more deliberate than that. Though it is, in its way, a revenge quest, "Pig" is actually an earthy and unusually still drama. Patient as the astral bull, this film lingers to let viewers take in their surroundings before it treks into intensely emotional territory. This approach pairs well with many gorgeous shots of nature, fine food, and wine, which will more than satisfy Taurus' refined sensibilities.

Gemini: Adaptation

Geminis are the brainiacs of the Zodiac: They can see both sides of every story. Thinking, speaking, and writing are always fun exercises for these people, who have an opinion on every matter and are eternally happy to share it. The twins also symbolize changeability. Geminis can be confident in their superior creative and intellectual abilities in one endeavor, but restless and unsure in another. Because they suffer the fear of not being good enough for what they want to do and missing out on the next big thing, their interests can be fleeting and their allegiances are sometimes fickle. 

2002's "Adaptation" sees Nicolas Cage play identical twin brothers with opposite personalities who are trying to adapt a tricky piece of literary nonfiction into an accessible screenplay. This Spike Jonze-directed comedy is hugely meta and incredibly brainy — perfect for Geminis, in other words. When writer Charlie Kaufman couldn't figure out how to make a movie out of Susan Orlean's "The Orchid Thief," he decided to write a movie about writing that movie instead. Thus, a fictionalized Charlie Kaufman became the main character and gained an invented twin brother, Donald, who acts as his foil. Charlie is brilliant, but full of self-doubt. Donald writes fluff, but is confident and popular. Essentially, they're a Gemini's two sides — and when the pair tries to outsmart Orlean, chaos ensues, as it often does for this sign. 

Cancer: The Family Man

Cancers are homebodies. That doesn't mean they can't have a career, many friends, or hobbies, but they're definitely most content surrounded by the people they love in the comfort and safety of their own abode. Like their symbol, the hardy crab, Cancers have a tough outer shell and will defend their loved ones without a second thought. But they're softies on the inside — these natural nurturers value shared history and quality time above all else. 

Nicolas Cage doesn't start out as a typical Cancer in 2000's "The Family Man," but he becomes one over the course of its fantasy-tinged story. Jack (Nicolas Cage) promises his college sweetheart Kate (Téa Leoni) that they'll stay together through his year-long internship overseas, but more than a decade later, he's enjoying life in the fast lane as a playboy executive. Through a multiversal contrivance, Jack wakes up on Christmas to discover he's married to Kate, has two kids, and works for his father-in-law's tire dealership. Only his daughter senses something's gone awry and helps him navigate his predicament. But just as he finds a way to get back to his old life, he begins to have a change of heart. "The Family Man" follows a predictable formula, but Cancers will find that reassuring. Furthermore, no sign is more capable of appreciating its warm, family-centric moral.

Leo: National Treasure

Leos love attention, acclaim, and shiny objects, and are uniquely equipped to get them. Their attractive personalities get others to follow them on their adventures, which tend to be exciting. Leos like to feel brave and accomplished — they truly believe they can conquer the world whenever they so choose. But they also like to feel righteous, which means they often seek truth and justice for others instead of (or in addition to) their own glory. This makes them excellent friends — just don't ask them to admit they're wrong. 

2004's "National Treasure" is the Leo film. This family-friendly action-adventure epic stars Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates, a historian (and part-time code breaker/treasure hunter) who believes himself to be the latest in a long line of history's great and powerful men. His grandfather told him tales of an unimaginable treasure kept secret by the Knights Templar, Founding Fathers, and Freemasons, and left Ben the clues to find it. Though his father and many academics dismiss his endeavors as pure fantasy, Ben has spent his adulthood trying to piece together what he thinks is a solvable mystery. Of course, he's right, and his quest leads him, his partner, his love interest, and his rival on a wild goose chase through American history. Only a Leo would embark on such a journey — and only a Leo could succeed in completing it.

Virgo: Bringing Out the Dead

Virgos want to make the world a better place. This is a wonderful quality — but it also means Virgos are frequently disappointed when they can't will that better place into being. This sign lives to serve others and to make order out of life's chaos. They make excellent teachers and healthcare professionals, as they're detail-oriented, hard-working, and sensitive to the well-being of those around them. But they can also be overly critical of themselves and others. Moreover, when things don't go according to plan, Virgos turn nervous and pessimistic. To find peace, these folks need to learn how to accept the world's flaws. 

Nicolas Cage and Martin Scorsese collaborated on 1999's "Bringing Out the Dead," a haunting psychological drama that sees Cage play Frank, a paramedic who struggles with depression when he can't save his patients. Frank drives an ambulance in one of Manhattan's most drug-addled neighborhoods, where cardiac arrests from overdoses are practically a daily occurrence. The stress of his job and his existential dread regarding the mounting heroin crisis cause him to hallucinate ghosts of the people he isn't able to revive. What results is a dark and skillfully made film about finding sanity and compassion in a broken society — something Virgos appreciate with uniquely potent insight.

Libra: City of Angels

Libras don't really see themselves as individuals, but as part of a divinely ordered universe. These folks want to balance the scales of their own lives, often through a spouse, a friend, or a colleague. Libras crave a meaningful sense of connection, and will sometimes put themselves second to achieve such harmony, which can lead to regret and resentment. But on the whole, Libras are a loving and unifying force in the world who don't hold grudges or lash out. 

In the 1998 supernatural romance "City of Angels," Nicolas Cage portrays an angel of death who falls in love with an extraordinary heart surgeon named Maggie (Meg Ryan). The angel calls himself Seth, and though humans aren't supposed to be able to see him until it's time for him to lead them out of this world, Seth and Maggie develop a connection. When he learns he can exchange his immortality for a human body, Seth doesn't hesitate. Love is all-powerful, and he wants to explore it with Maggie. But even though he's found his perfect match, he soon finds that being mortal doesn't come with any guarantees of happiness. "City of Angels" plumbs the depths Libras contemplate every day. What should be sacrificed for love? What makes a good life? And above all, what does it take to attain true peace?

Scorpio: Mandy

Scorpios do not take things lightly. They see the world in black and white, so when they want something, they want it — and, unlike some signs, they have what it takes to get it. These powerful scorpions don't need the attention that an Aries or Leo requires: They're perfectly happy operating from the shadows and maintaining a stoic exterior. At their best, they're genuinely curious and open-minded and make very devoted partners. But when they're rubbed the wrong way, Scorpios can turn jealous, vengeful, and violent. They have a penchant for the murkier side of life, and once they go dark, it's difficult for them to turn things around. The most extreme Scorpios are thrill-seekers who live genuinely dangerous lives.

2018's "Mandy" is a trippy gore-fest set in the 1980s that features one of Cage's career-best performances. He plays Red, a recluse who lives in the woods with his artsy girlfriend, Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough). When an LSD-fueled cult destroys his piece of paradise, Red gears up and prepares for battle. Armed with a one-of-a-kind axe, crossbow, and chainsaw, he sets off on his bloody journey, knowing he probably won't survive it. But, like a model Scorpio, he knows that isn't the point. Red seeks only to work his brutal way through the cult, all the way up to a showdown with its demonic leader. 

Sagittarius: Raising Arizona

Sagittarius folks can appear to be unserious as they make their way through life's mysterious journey. They're jovial, funny, easygoing, and always on the hunt for a good time. But they still want those good times to mean something. These go-with-the-flow types are honest to a fault and wholly unselfish, and are willing buck trends (and even the law) because of their personal convictions. They remain optimistic that everything will work out, which can lead some Sagittarians to make promises they can't keep. But their steadfast desire to experience the world in full makes it hard not to root for them.

One of the best Coen brothers movies, 1987's "Raising Arizona" features a truly classic Cage performance. He plays Hi McDunnough, a small-time crook who falls in love with correctional officer Edwina (Holly Hunter) during his stints in jail. Hi is so unassuming and adorable, Ed marries him upon his release, and the newlyweds move into a trailer park and try to start a family. When they discover Ed is infertile and Hi can't adopt because of his criminal record, the pair conspires to steal one of the quintuplets recently born to a nasty millionaire furniture salesman. They get away with it, but the looming threat of being found out and an extended visit from Hi's old cellmates puts a damper on their happy home. "Raising Arizona" is, like a Sagittarius, somewhat silly, but tender and respectable at its core. 

Capricorn: Lord of War

Capricorns are no-nonsense workaholics. They see the world in terms of winners and losers, and — from business deals to board games — they intend to win. They're disciplined, practical, reliable, and intense — all good traits if you happen to be on their side. If you aren't, you should probably say your prayers. As Capricorns tend to trust themselves more than anything else, it's hard for them to let others get too close. This means these goats may end up alone at the top of the mountain. 

2005's "Lord of War" features a whole lot of Capricorn-ish indomitability. Nicolas Cage plays Yuri Orlov, a Ukrainian refugee who realizes there's money and power to be found in the arms trade after he witnesses a violent incident. He and his younger brother Vitaly (Jared Leto) begin to sell gear in various hotspots around the globe, and become entangled with some indefensibly bad actors. They'll do anything for big and easy paydays, regardless of the harm this flow of weapons causes. But an agent who can't be bought off poses a problem to this business model. Few Capricorns are as bloody-minded as the characters who star in "Lord of War," but no one can deny how perfectly this movie encapsulates their relentless drive.

Aquarius: Moonstruck

Aquarians are soulful, abstract thinkers who can't be bound by the mainstream. If something doesn't feel right, they won't just let it be — they have to do something about it. This instinct takes them far. It also means they're an outspoken bunch, and even a little radical. Despite their social consciousness, Aquarians are often perceived as cold, distant, combative types with a penchant for nosiness. It's no matter, though: Aquarians listen to their own instincts and believe themselves to be good judges of character. They usually end up right where they want to be.

1987's "Moonstruck" follows a true Aquarian in Loretta (Cher), a widow who believes her first husband died because she didn't follow her family's traditions. At 37, she's engaged again to a man her father doesn't approve of and her mother thinks she doesn't really love. While said fiancé visits his sick mom back in Sicily, Loretta visits his brother, Ronny (Nicolas Cage), with whom he had a falling out. She's hoping he'll come around and attend the wedding — but under a full moon, Loretta and Ronny realize they have enough chemistry to make each other really happy. However, this chemistry might also make them truly miserable. "Moonstruck" is all about being in touch with one's feelings and changing course, even at the last second. This is the spirit of Aquarius in a nutshell: Mutable, passionate, and longing for transcendence.

Pisces: Knowing

Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac, is intrinsically spiritual and empathetic. These people see patterns in the chaos of the universe, and are able to help others make sense of the world around them with their strong communication skills. A Pisces makes an excellent partner, as they're receptive, supportive, and loyal. But this sign's desire to see the good in everyone and everything means they can also come off as childish — a reputation often solidified by their out-there ideas. If you have a friend who claims psychic powers, odds are, they're a Pisces.

Piscean precognition is a cosmically big deal in 2009's "Knowing." It all begins when a grade school girl named Lucinda (Lara Robinson) is asked to draw what she thinks the future will be like for the sake of a community time capsule. She becomes entranced and scribbles down an incomplete series of numbers. Years later, the capsule is opened and a little boy brings Lucinda's paper home to his father, astrophysicist John Koestler (Nicolas Cage). Koestler deduces that Lucinda's numeric predictions line up with disasters that have occurred in the past five decades. Three more will come to pass unless he does something to stop them. "Knowing" starts out like a "National Treasure"-style mystery, then morphs into something the mystically-minded Pisces will appreciate. They know what it's like to be doubted by peers — and to eventually be proven right.