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South Park: The Streaming Wars Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Teaser - What We Know So Far

In 2021, the future of "South Park" was cemented in a deal between MTV Entertainment Studios and series co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. As a result of the deal in question, "South Park" was renewed through 2027, which guarantees that the animated comedy series will stay on the air for, at the very least, 30 seasons. The deal also saw Parker and Stone agree to create a total of 14 "South Park" original movies that will stream exclusively on Paramount+.

The first of those "South Park" movies, titled "South Park: Post COVID" and "South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID," premiered on Paramount+ in 2021. However, Paramount+ has not released another "South Park" movie in the months since the December 2021 premiere of "The Return of COVID," much to the frustration of the series' fans. Fortunately, it looks like Paramount+'s "South Park" dry spell is about to come to an end.

In an unexpected turn of events, the streaming service has officially revealed the first details about its third "South Park" original event movie. With that in mind, here's everything we know so far about "South Park: The Streaming Wars."

What is the release date for South Park: The Streaming Wars?

"South Park: The Streaming Wars" will premiere on Paramount+ on Wednesday, June 1. That means it will premiere on the streaming service just a little less than six months after "South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID" debuted on December 16, 2021. Similar to the platform's previous two "South Park" original movies, "The Streaming Wars" will be available to stream only on Paramount+.

The movie's premiere date is only a few weeks away, which means "South Park" fans can likely look forward to more details about "The Streaming Wars" being released in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Paramount+ has also revealed that it intends to release its fourth "South Park" original movie later this summer. While that project's official premiere date has not yet been revealed, its summer 2022 release window suggests that "South Park" fans likely won't have to wait too long to see the platform's follow-up to "The Streaming Wars."

As of now, it is unclear whether or not Paramount+ plans on releasing any more "South Park" movies this year outside of its pair of upcoming summer titles.

Who is in the cast of South Park: The Streaming Wars?

While Paramount+ has announced when fans can expect to see "South Park: The Streaming Wars," the service has not revealed much about the event movie itself. Indeed, it looks like Paramount+ is keeping many details about "South Park: The Streaming Wars" under tight wraps for the time being. That's evidenced by the fact that the streaming service has yet to share any specific plot details about "The Streaming Wars," as well as which voice actors are participating in it.

That said, it seems fair to assume right now that a number of the franchise's central voice actors will likely return for "The Streaming Wars," including Trey Parker, Matt Stone, April Stewart, and Mona Marshall. Unfortunately, it has yet to be revealed whether or not any special guest stars will also appear in "The Streaming Wars." As a result, fans will just have to sit tight until the moment comes when more is revealed about the cast of the upcoming "South Park" movie.

What is the plot of South Park: The Streaming Wars?

As of this writing, Paramount+ has released very few details about the actual plot of "South Park: The Streaming Wars." The platform's official logline for the film promises that it will see Trey Parker's Eric Cartman enter into a "battle of wills" with his mother at the same time that an "epic conflict" emerges, one that will apparently have the power to throw "South Park's very existence" into jeopardy. Obviously, there's not much that can be deduced from that brief synopsis, but the movie's title does offer a slightly better idea of what could lie in store in "The Streaming Wars."

The movie's title is a clear reference to the ongoing competition between Hollywood's various streaming services, including Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and even Paramount+. That makes sense considering both of Paramount+'s previous "South Park" movies also incorporated numerous modern-day topics into their stories. Therefore, after taking both those facts into account, it seems safe to assume that "The Streaming Wars" will find some ways to poke fun at Hollywood's all-encompassing streaming competition.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until more is revealed about "South Park: The Streaming Wars" before they're able to predict the specifics of the movie's story.

Is there a trailer for South Park: The Streaming Wars?

In conjunction with the movie's release date announcement, Paramount+ has dropped a teaser trailer for "South Park: The Streaming Wars." However, while the teaser does provide "South Park" fans with a brief look at "The Streaming Wars," it doesn't reveal much about the made-for-streaming movie. Clocking in at just 15 seconds long, the teaser trailer is comprised of a number of title cards and a very brief clip of Eric Cartman (voiced by series co-creator Trey Parker) whining as he sits in a chair next to his mother, Liane (April Stewart), who silently watches her son while he wails.

The teaser doesn't show anything more than that, but "South Park" fans likely won't need to know much about the movie's plot before they tune into "The Streaming Wars." The series has built up a dedicated and loyal fanbase over the years, which is probably why Paramount+ feels comfortable keeping the initial promotional materials for "The Streaming Wars" so vague right now.

The good news is that the show's fans will get to find out what's really going on in "South Park: The Streaming Wars" when it premieres Wednesday, June 1 on Paramount+.