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The Odd Wendy Detail That Annoys Some Ozark Fans

Netflix took the final shot on their hit family crime drama quite literally in the closing episode of its fourth season. Following a cut to black that would even make Tony Soprano look up in shock, audiences finally said goodbye to the Byrde family. Littered with bickering, blackmail, and body bags, "Ozark" was full of standout moments that fans and critics loved to watch. Indeed, throughout its four-season run on the streaming service, Ozark took home a number of Emmys.

However, a number of devoted Byrde backers apparently had some problems with one particular aspect of Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney). Although it might not be evident to all viewers, some Reddit users noticed that Wendy developed a number of unofficial catchphrases throughout the series. Whether she's talking with a drug dealer like Omar Navarro (Felix Solis), an FBI agent like Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes), or even her own husband, Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), Wendy always seems ready to deploy one of these syntactical gems.

Of course, given the cyclical nature of the family's 'business,' we suppose this is kind of understandable. When lying about your work becomes second nature, so do the routine speeches to keep certain parties off the trail, or in Wendy's case, still in business with very bad people.

Fans couldn't ignore how close Wendy always claimed to be

Upon reviewing Laura Linney's despicably deluded mother of the Byrde household, "Ozark" fans started to spot a few go-to phrases Wendy uses whenever things got messy. On the r/Ozark subreddit, one Byrde-watcher highlighted Wendy's favorite words with a particularly amusing meme. 

Making use of the inhaling seagull meme (via KnowYourMeme), u/majnubhaispainting pointed out Wendy's go-to phrase: "We're so close." Rather conveniently, Wendy makes use of this phrase in a variety of situations. From getting out of tough scrapes with drug cartel bosses to signing off on deals with potential business partners, and even helping Marty park the car, these words always seem "close" to Wendy. 

It was a choice line that other Reddit users were quick to piggyback off. One Reddit user added, "I just need a little more time." Of course, Wendy used both of these lines numerous times throughout the series, but they are far from the only things that bother some fans of the series. 

Fans were also quick to point out other noticeable Wendy-isms that gained prominence, particularly in the final season. In addition to Wendy's aforementioned pre-rehearsed pleas, u/Gomok111 said, "Add to that Wendy [making] her own decision without consulting Marty." In response, u/agieluma added, "And she freaks out when he does something similar."  

From Wendy's decisions within her own family to her choices in the drug world, it certainly seems to be an observation that holds some level of truth. Whatever song was repeatedly sung, there's no denying that she still manages to get her family out in the end, no matter how "close" they happened to get to genuine danger.