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Here's What Moon Knight Was Up To During The Blip

The event known as "The Snap" or "The Blip" shakes the very core of the Marvel Universe. Triggered by Thanos (Josh Brolin) once he collects all of the Infinity Stones, The Blip causes half of all life to be immediately turned into dust across the entire universe. In Thanos' mind, he gives the universe a tremendous boon because living beings will not be pressed for resources, but everybody else sees him as a genocidal madman.

Besides the untold civilian causalities, The Blip also removes several heroes from reality, like Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), among many others. Those that survive this cataclysmic event often experience survivor's guilt and deal with it in their own way. Captain America (Chris Evans) leads a support group for survivors, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) retreats to the woods with his family, and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) goes on a one-man crusade against the remaining criminal elements across the world. However, what is Marvel's latest hero Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) doing during The Blip? Is he part of the culling, or is he still active as Khonshu's (F. Murray Abraham) Avatar of Vengeance?

Moon Knight worked in the shadows during The Blip

In an interview with The Direct, writer Jeremy Slater elaborated on the ultimate fate of Marc Spector during The Blip and said that all of the writers collectively decided that he had survived the brutal occurrence. Had he not, there would have been even more stress on the mentally fractured hero. Slater noted that the Steven Grant personality reawakens two years ago, after the death of their shared mother. He added, "So that's been the last two years, and we assume the three years before that was sort of Marc, just, there was probably, in the same way, that Hawkeye had his hands full as Ronin because the criminal underworld was running rampant during the Blip time, I assume Moon Knight was keeping very busy. But it was all being sort of done in the shadows, and he was sort of taking out a lot of threats that never surfaced or saw the light of day."

Judging by these comments, not only did Moon Knight survive The Blip, but he is also very much active in the years after. Considering the familiarity Khonshu has while speaking with Marc, and his knowledge of a mysterious third personality, it could be easily assumed that the uneven alliance between the current Moon Knight and the errant Egyptian God may have gotten its start pre-Blip. Perhaps fans will get more illumination on the subject if Season 2 of "Moon Knight" ever occurs.