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Hoffman Family Gold Fans Worry The Show Is Devolving Into This Other Discovery Hit

Since "Gold Rush" premiered in 2010, the show and the gold miners involved have become so popular that individual miners began getting their own spin-off shows. But over the years, they've been plagued with rumors of scripting the episodes, with people formerly on the shows coming forward and confirming these beliefs. One of the most prominent voices has been Jimmy Dorsey, who told Oregon Gold as much in an interview, stating, "Every formatted documentary is scripted. It is scripted from the beginning. They knew exactly what they wanted to see out of the program. Even [my] leaving was scripted, but in [sic] the way in which it happened was not. The plans were made, but the footsteps were ours. They actually direct you into these situations."

When viewers of the spin-off "Hoffman Family Gold" started noticing similarities with another Discovery series, they began to get vocal on social media, questioning whether the shows have the same writers and expressing the same fears about whether or not their riveting reality show is also all fake.

Viewers worry Hoffman Family Gold is becoming too much like Alaskan Bush People

When u/pete_1012 posted on Reddit that "'Hoffman Family Gold' is getting as bad as 'Alaskan Bush People,'" he struck a chord with many fans of the show, with dozens of viewers chiming in to agree with what was being said. Redditor u/Own-School3177 commented, "Mixed feelings is what I call it, I'm watching it but man I don't wanna believe it's fake but to [sic] many things just don't jive with me. Every episode leads me to believe that more and more."

"Alaskan Bush People" follows the Brown family, who lives in the wilderness of Alaska. But as with "Gold Rush" and "Hoffman Family Gold," there have been people who were on the show who claim that none of it is real. In 2020, the U.S. Sun reported on an Instagram Live shared by Raiven Adams, Bear Brown's ex-fiancee, in which she said, "None of it is real. About 10% of it is real. My son is not going down with the show. This show is not real."

Of course, much of the cast and crew of all three shows have protested that their shows aren't fake. As long as they're raking in money and viewers, it'll be a while before we learn the truth about the Browns or the Hoffmans.