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What Criminal Minds Fans Really Think About A Possible Reboot Of The Show

It's been over two years since the BAU team caught their last violent sociopath and went their separate ways. But even in the absence of new episodes, "Criminal Minds" has continued to shake the nerves of its devoted fanbase via syndicated reruns, and in the streaming realm. In fact, the series has proven just as popular since it left the airwaves as it was during its 15-season primetime run (per Variety). And with well north of 300-episodes under its belt, fans will likely be able to binge away for years to come without ever tiring of the series.   

Despite the abundance of episodes, there has been talk of a "Criminal Minds" reboot or revival pretty much since the credits rolled on the series finale, with creatives eyeing a new home on the Paramount+ streaming platform. First announced, in 2021, "Criminal Minds" fans are still waiting for that series to materialize, though Paramount+ president of original scripted series Nicole Clemens recently confirmed it's still very much in the works (per Variety). 

With Paramount+ plus still hot to bring "Criminal Minds" back, it seems fans are eager for the return as well. Per a recent Reddit thread, however, it seems fans have specific terms for the series' potential reboot. 

Criminal Minds fans want a reboot, but they have conditions

User u/Reimymouse opened the thread with a screenshot of a Twitter post from long-time "Criminal Minds" producer Harry Bring positing the question, "How many of you would welcome a 'Criminal Minds' reboot?" To that question the user snarkily replied, "Alexa, remind me not to get my hopes up." That's the general feeling among "Criminal Minds" fans, with some commenters warily keeping hope alive for a revival, and others placing conditions on the series' proposed return.

Indeed, the prevailing sentiment among "Criminal Minds" fandom is they only want a revival series if the original cast is back in action. And u/ghdgn made that clear with their post, "only if it has everyone back on." Redditor u/Reimymouse was quick to back that opinion with the comment, "I agree. If they do a reboot, I'd want the main team back. It might be difficult to get Shemar [Moore} since he has his own show; but wo Hotch, Reid, Emily, Rossi, and JJ it just wouldn't be worth it."

Meanwhile, u/SportsGuy132121 offered a different set of conditions on the reboot, hoping creatives shake-up the series' well-worn formula, "... I want a 6 episode reboot where the entire 6 episodes are going after the same killer. I don't want rinse wash repeat episodes where the killer is found in every episode. I want them to be called in because there is someone bad that's getting away and can't be caught." And u/RebaKitten is one of the few series fans who think "Criminal Minds" shouldn't come back at all, stating, "i think it's good to leave while you're still wanted and ending the show did the right thing."

Giving the show's popularity on streamers, its seems unlikely "Crminal Minds" won't go ahead with some sort of reboot. Fans are now simply hoping Paramount+ goes about it the right way.