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New Ms. Marvel TV Spot Reveals Live-Action Red Dagger

Marvel Comics has a wide array of vibrant characters to draw from, inspiring some of the most memorable shows on Disney+. Just this year, the streaming platform tackled the complex issue of Dissociative Identity Disorder with the depiction of "Moon Knight," and the dark portrayal of Marc Spector and Steven Grant (both played by Oscar Isaac) made for compelling television. This summer, Disney+ will be bringing an equally significant character to life.

"Ms. Marvel" differs in some ways from previous Marvel adaptations — for one, not being quite as mature as some of the previous series. Instead, the show opts for a coming-of-age story about Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), an avid superhero fan who suddenly comes to the realization that she has been given powers herself. The series is noteworthy for being inclusive, featuring the perspective of a teenage girl who is also a Pakistani American (via Variety). The inclusion of Kamala is an exciting prospect, but there are additional surprises on the horizon. In a new TV spot for the upcoming series, viewers can anticipate the arrival of a live-action interpretation of fellow crime fighter, Red Dagger.

Red Dagger originated as a defender for Pakistan

Red Dagger has been connected to Kamala and "Ms. Marvel" since 2016 when he first appeared as the Pakastani vigilante. Kamala meets him in "Ms. Marvel" Vol. 4, Issue No. 12 when visiting her family in Karachi (via Fandom). First introduced as Kareem, the character is a friend of the family who lives with Kamala's grandmother while studying for university. Later Kamala encounters him as a fellow crimefighter with an affinity for knives. When trying to stop bandits from destroying a water tanker, Red Dagger confronts Ms. Marvel about her methods. He points out that Pakistan is his home and he knows more about how to handle the complex dynamics of the area, where Ms. Marvel has only come in swinging. Now viewers can see this character brought to life by Aramis Knight when "Ms. Marvel" airs (via IMDb). 

Red Dagger is only seen briefly in the 30-second TV promo, but his appearance is ripped straight from the comics. Wielding knives and a red scarf, he appears to be helping Kamala in a high-stakes encounter. Red Dagger's devotion to helping the people of Pakistan was a fundamental aspect of his character in the comics, and his perspective is sure to bring more inclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.