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The BTS Video That Makes Umbrella Academy Fans Love Aidan Gallagher Even More

Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy" centers on a dysfunctional family of supernaturally gifted siblings. The Hargreeves' journey to reckon with their own powers and related past trauma is portrayed by an impressive lineup of cast members. The youngest of these actors — 16 years old when the first season was released — is Aidan Gallagher, but whether the same can be said for his character, Five, is a more complicated question. Five's unwieldy ability to transport himself through both space and time leads to an accidental 45-year-long period in which he is trapped in the future. During this time, he ages normally, but when he finally rejoins his siblings in the present, Five's body reverts to its original teenage state.

All of this happens at the beginning of "The Umbrella Academy," which means that for most of the show, Gallagher is tasked with playing the part of a crotchety old man stuck in boyish form, complete with snarky quips and scowling demeanor. Funnily enough, some fans actually question whether the role is that much of a stretch for Gallagher. After all, there are plenty of cases where the lines seem blurred between an actor's real personality and that of their character. One particularly fun piece of behind-the-scenes footage supports this theory and also serves to endear Gallager to fans even more.

This video of Aidan Gallagher learning the floss dance is adorable

A post on the r/UmbrellaAcademy subreddit by u/alphaDsony includes a video of Aidan Gallagher dancing alongside fellow cast members Emmy Raver-Lampman and David Castañeda. Specifically, Castañeda is teaching them how to floss. According to LADBible, this dance routine originated as a viral social media fad in 2016 and quickly exploded in popularity via Fortnite, making it something of a Gen-Z symbol. Ironically, Gallagher, over a decade younger than most of his coworkers, seems to be the only one struggling. Between each swing of the hips, he awkwardly dithers with his arms and repeatedly mutters, "What?" 

Commenters on the Reddit thread quickly noted the parallels to Gallagher's "Umbrella Academy" character. "You can't expect him to know all the memes after he was trapped in a time without memes for 30+ years," u/avenpotter3 commented. "At least Diego is educating Five on what he has missed." 

Of course, at the rate that web culture seems to evolve, even a week offline can leave someone clueless about certain Internet trends. However, as u/kmagaro noted, maybe this isn't such a bad thing for Five. "He's lucky that he missed meme culture ... I'd love to have no idea what social media is." Indeed, perhaps Five's time away from the present helped him learn to appreciate modern society even more.

Notably, if there's one thing all commenters on the thread seemed to agree on, it's that Gallagher is in the right role. "He's perfect casting for Five," another user wrote.