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The Worst Thing Sakura Ever Did In Boruto

In "Naruto," there's no team more beloved and recognized than the trio of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Much of the series' many plots and twists have to do with Team 7. And arguably, the series' growth is best reflected in the character evolutions of this particular trio. That being said, it's not always a fondly remembered experience for fans when reminiscing about some of the actions and decisions these three have made. Team 7 may have saved the day a few times, but they aren't without their flaws.

The evil exploits of Sasuke throughout "Shippuden" have garnered some raised eyebrows, despite his tragic past. And some fans have gone so far as to state Naruto as the worst character in his series for failing to cause any substantial positive change he kind of proposes. Yet Sakura easily takes the top spot among the trio as the character who receives the most criticism. Her bad attitude and supposed lack of usefulness are often brought up, but the worst thing she did in Naruto that really fires up some fans is her manipulation of the titular hero's feelings. In "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations," we'd think that becoming a parent would teach her to take better care of those closest to her. Instead, her worst action in the series causes some major family grief.

Sakura isn't open to Sarada about Sasuke

In "Boruto," Sakura and Sasuke are finally married and have a child together. Yet their family life is anything but typical, even by the ninja world standards of "Boruto." It's revealed early on in the series that much of their marriage is long-distance, as Sasuke is usually away on secret missions. That fact begins stirring a lot of questions within their daughter Sarada, who, during her arc in the series, questions her parentage. She doesn't remember much about her father Sasuke and has never seen him lovingly around her mom Sakura. The situation comes to a head in "Boruto" Episode 19 (via Crunchyroll), when Sarada's intense probing about her dad and Sakura being her mom causes Sakura to become frustrated to the point of punching the ground.

It's too bad that Sakura still has that impressive super strength from "Shippuden." The cracks she causes in the ground result in their home crumbling to pieces. Sakura also faints at the destruction she's caused. The short-term problem is that she let her agitation boil over to the point where the family now needs a new home. But the larger issue is instead of being open with Sarada about Sasuke and where he's been, she just withholds it all from her daughter. And it causes Sarada's doubts about her family to spiral painfully. Of course, Sakura isn't the only one to blame for this, as Sasuke also deserves to be called out for being so absent from his family. Both could learn to be much better parents to their only child.