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The Worst Thing Sakura Ever Did In Naruto

Amongst the main trio of characters in "Naruto," nobody gets quite as much flak from fans as Sakura Haruno. Each member of Team 7 (i.e. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura) isn't without their faults, but something about Sakura, in particular, seems to put fans off. Part of it is her intentionally grating personality — she does spend a lot of early "Naruto" bullying Naruto when he really doesn't deserve it. There's also the fact that she is often considered "useless" as her role in the story becomes less prevalent over time. There's not much of an argument against the case that "Naruto" focuses primarily on Naruto and Sasuke while Sakura takes a backseat to their feud.

However, that does little to explain the fact that she is disliked by large portions of the community. She's supposed to be one of the three series protagonists, yet fans on Reddit are quick to vote on her being the most hated character in the franchise. Considering that Sakura was, and remains, one of the most trusted and capable good guys, there shouldn't be too much of a reason to despise her.

On the contrary, Sakura has done many things to draw the ire of fans. Even with her attitude and lack of presence, fans might have liked Sakura if she hadn't done a few terrible things. The worst of these actions, however, involved those closest to her. 

Sakura abused Naruto's feelings for her own gain

The love triangle between Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke is one of the spiciest plotlines that run throughout the series. For years, Naruto chased after Sakura, only to be dismissed in favor of Sasuke. Even when Sasuke turned rogue and fled the Leaf Village at the end of the original series, Sakura still loved him and begged Naruto to bring him back safely. That's why it was so obviously a ploy when Sakura "confessed" her feelings for Naruto in Episode 206 of "Naruto: Shippuden."

At the time, the Leaf Village's leadership had finally decided that Sasuke was a lost cause, and had to be assassinated. However, Naruto was still intent on saving his friend. Sakura's confession was her ultimate trump card in trying to call off Naruto's crusade. However, it certainly wasn't genuine, and even the thick-headed Naruto was perceptive enough to see that this sudden change of heart was just manipulative.

Lucky for Sakura, Naruto eventually did succeed in bringing Sasuke back. But as far as fans are concerned, that still doesn't change how she tried to manipulate one of her closest friend's feelings for her own gain. If her bad attitude hadn't put fans off before, this moment surely did.