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The Staggering Number Of Hours It Takes To Perfect Geralt's Hair In The Witcher

Whether he's decapitating demons or killing bad guys in the far reaches of the Continent, Geralt of Rivia is wielding a mane so thick and good-looking that it's borderline annoying. Not only does he look like "Man of Steel" Henry Cavill, but he's also got that iconic silver head of hair flapping in slow-motion when he's cutting people's heads off or looking all stoic on a hilltop. Of course — with apologies for breaking the illusion for the unaware — those aren't genuine gray strands Cavill has suddenly been blessed with. But they might just be one of the hardest things to apply to nail his heroic alter-ego image in "The Witcher."

With over 30 credits to his name over the past two decades (via IMDb), Cavill is no stranger to getting into custom-made outfits that he'll be in for most of his screen time, and a team circling him to develop just the right image for his character comes with the territory. However, in the case of "The Witcher," it's the platinum plaits of his sword-wielding hero that take a remarkable amount of time to get him looking like the White Wolf, which is a brave feat in itself for the parties involved.

Cavill had a heroic hair stylist handling Geralt's hair

Speaking to MTV before the second season of "The Witcher" hit Netflix, Henry Cavill revealed that great care was taken to maintain the wig that turned the show's leading man into the legendary hero. "Jacqui Rathore, my hairstylist, and the lady who's in charge of the wig last season, as well, worked really hard to get the wig to a good place by the end of it," Cavill explained, ensuring that an age-old lesson was also factored in. "And once something works, don't try and fix it if it's not broken. If you start messing around with it, then it might end up looking terrible again."

As clearly shown in both seasons of the show so far, this isn't some basic costume mop Cavill was regularly donning. It's a part of the outfit that was essential to completing Geralt's look, and it needed to withstand the array of challenges he would be put through. Given the harsh elements the costumes were exposed to during filming — along with the action sequences Cavill was at the center of — Rathore put in a lot of time as a result. 

"It's a very, very complicated process. In Season 1, she worked so hard on that — she was taking it home at night and working on it for hours. We were working 16-hour days, so she was working 18-19-hour days, and it means a lot that she puts that kind of work into it," Cavill said. The proof is in the perfectly laced locks of hair constantly on display. They've managed to make their way through two incredibly intense seasons so far — hopefully, at least some of that work can be preserved for Season 3, which is currently in production.