Thor: Love And Thunder Fans Have A Lot To Say About Thor And Jane's New Costumes

There is a lot for fans to unpack in the trailer for the upcoming "Thor: Love and Thunder," but there's one moment that has people talking like no other. 

The upcoming MCU adventure looks it will have director Taika Waititi continuing his comedic — yet more humanized — approach to the Thor mythos, with the mighty hero dealing with an identity crisis of sorts. After all, while he may be blessed with the powers of a deity and the looks of Chris Hemsworth, even the God of Thunder can get the blues. And as Thor find himself, it seems like he'll be interacting with a lot of MCU characters, with the most exciting return being Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). She hasn't appeared in an MCU film since "Thor: The Dark World" (unless you count a very brief appearance in "Avengers: Endgame"), and now she's returning, but this time as a capable fighter wielding Thor's somehow-repaired hammer, Mjolnir, and sporting armor similar to what we have seen Thor himself wear before. 

Foster wielding her ex's hammer is new to MCU watchers, but comic fans will recognize the upgrade to Foster from 2015's "The Mighty Thor" run by Jason Aaron. She's been far more than a scientist in the comics. And now, the new costumes worn by both Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor (per Empire Online) have inspired plenty of chatter among fans.

Fans seem to think Jane looks a lot better than Thor

An exclusive image released to Empire of Thor and Foster together has split fans online fairly well — with some enthusiastic about both looks, others unsure, and others preferring one over the other. When it comes to criticism, much of the naysaying is about the original Thor's new bright and colorful costume. "What the hell is going on with Thor's costume, he looks like an action figure," Twitter user @SVAROG_Draws commented, later mentioning Foster looks far better. Some praised both costumes, though user @Richard95403704 suggests Thor looked better with his short hair in "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Avengers: Endgame." Others simply praised Waititi's bright and colorful style applied to both.

Foster's costume has earned more praise than Thor's based on the photo, which may be fitting since this is the first we've seen of her decked out like this. "Those costumes are amazing! Especially Jane's Thor outfit! I want to cosplay it ... very bad!" @WeirdNekoGirl12 tweeted

One interesting detail that fans such as @TheBounceMan have commented upon are the cracks running across Mjolnir, which was destroyed by Hela (Cate Blanchett) in "Thor: Ragnarok." That makes the hammer another inticing trailer cameo, along with Foster, plus the always reliably Guardians of the Galaxy, led by Star Lord (Chris Hemsworth). It's also worth noting that even if Thor's costume is currently getting criticism, it wasn't that long ago that fans were worried about the direction and look of "Thor: Ragnarok," only for Waititi to come smashing out the gates with the fan favorite Thor movie thus far — and the director seems just as invested in messing with formula this time around. 

And in that regard, Waititi's quotes in the aforementioned Empire article, regarding Mighty Thor, are perhaps even more interesting than the costume reveals.

Jane's superhero identity will mess with Thor's head

Waititi says giving Jane Mjolnir and introducing elements of the "Mighty Thor" storyline was never originally in the cards, but it fits with Thor's mental state. "It's been about eight years. She's had a whole other life, and then the love of your life comes back on the scene, and is now dressed like you. It's a real mindf*** for Thor," he says (per Empire). 

The director went on to reveal that when they decided to bring Foster in, they didn't want her waiting out the adventure and sitting in a lab like much of her initial appearances. Waititi similarly borrowed bits from the "Planet Hulk" comic storyline to pepper over "Thor: Ragnarok," and fans are definitely excited to see Foster battling right next to Thor. "If they stay true to the mighty Thor comic, the audience will be in the most tears they've ever been ... that final issue wrecked me," Twitter user @bill_preston teased

It remains to be seen exactly how Waititi will be bringing Foster back into the fold and explaining her evolution, but he has bought himself plenty of faith with "Thor: Ragnarok," and however fans might feel about these costumes, it's unlikely to keep them away from theaters. 

Fans will be able to see exactly what Waititi has up his sleeve when "Thor: Love and Thunder" hits theaters on July 8.