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Supergirl Season 3 Trailer Introduces DC Villain Bloodsport

Another DC villain is making his way into National City.

The CW unveiled a new trailer for the third season of Supergirl, and it reveals our first look at Robert DuBois, aka Bloodsport. It also hints that Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) might be finished with her own alter ego of Kara Danvers.

In the comics, Bloodsport is a mantle assumed by three different characters. But the DuBois version was first, introduced in Superman Vol. 2 #4 back in 1987. He has a mental breakdown and becomes obsessed with the Vietnam War after he learns that his brother had gone to fight in his place and becomes a quadruple amputee. One of Lex Luthor's agents convinces DuBois that Superman is the real enemy and gives him a teleporter and weapons including bullets made of kryptonite. 

But it sounds like DuBois' backstory will be updated for Supergirl. According to a casting notice (via That Hashtag Show), DuBois is an "ex-military man who has infiltrated his former base and stolen a variety of articles that he uses to cloak an underwater nuclear device."

Season 3 will see Katie McGrath promoted to series regular as Lena Luthor, while Floriana Lima's Maggie Sawyer has been downgraded to recurring. Calista Flockhart will also briefly return as Cat Grant.

Supergirl returns to the CW on Oct. 9. Until then, check out the Supergirl's insane history.