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What Good Girls Fans Really Wanted To See For Beth

When "Good Girls" was canceled by parent network NBC after four seasons, fans were deeply disappointed, as early reports indicated that a final Season 5 was all but assured, with the three main cast members even agreeing to take pay cuts (via TVLine). 

The show, about three suburban mothers turned criminals in way over their heads, is very much a serialized drama, with cliffhangers often ending the episodes. Season 4, Episode 16, "Nevada," unfortunately became the series finale, even though it leaves several narratives open for a potential fifth and final season, including Beth Boland's (Christina Hendricks) position on the city council and Ruby Hill's (Retta) dilemma over her family. The sudden finish to everything means that the story ultimately feels unresolved.

This is especially true for the character of Beth, who arguably goes through the greatest evolution of the three characters over the show's four seasons, but now her transformation feels incomplete. In fact, Redditors on the "Good Girls" subreddit revealed exactly what they wanted for Beth in an imaginary final season of the show.

Good Girls fans wanted Beth to go bad

Shortly before the show was officially axed, u/avochocobunny shared a tweet on the r/GoodGirls subreddit about heroes being slowly corrupted, with the title "kinda want this for beth." Beth Boland is definitely the one person in the "Good Girls" main trio who truly embraces a life of crime after years of domesticity. 

It would only make sense that she'd become a true villain in the story's resolution. However, u/RoutineWrong2916 pointed out that Beth likely never really goes to the dark side in the narrative because the producers didn't want to get too close to "Breaking Bad." They wrote in response to this, "Which is a shame!!Because she has every piece of character that could lead into a fantastic story."

There's definitely a potential resolution to the show in which Beth turns on Annie Marks (Mae Whitman) and Ruby Hill, or leaves everything behind. U/jwash1894 commented how "If [Beth] abandoned her old life, even her friends, for the dark world of crime and Rio, that'd be hella interesting." Even if the showrunners had no plans to bring out the darker side of Beth, fans can at least imagine the potential "Good Girls" final season where this is part of the show's conclusion.