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What Is The Song In Lightyear's New International Trailer?

Pixar's "Lightyear" is set to showcase the galactic exploits of the iconic "Toy Story" character Buzz Lightyear, and fans got a first-hand glimpse at some of the animated action in a new international trailer on Thursday, May 5. But besides the incredible visuals and the awesome sneak peek at Buzz's backstory, there was another really cool thing about Thursday's new clip that had fans talking — the music.

As with any trailer, the scenes in the international "Lightyear" preview are undoubtedly heightened by what viewers are listening to as the action goes down. With the movie being made by Disney and Pixar, the studios likely spared no expense to get the popular hit tune in the clip. Moments before it starts playing, we see Buzz suiting up in his iconic space threads from "Toy Story" before embarking on an undisclosed mission of some sort. That's when we get hit with the "Lightyear" jam, which comes courtesy of a Grammy Award-winning rock group.

The Black Keys' Lonely Boy is the song playing in the Lightyear trailer

For those who may not recognize it, the song playing in the new international "Lightyear" trailer is the Black Keys' Grammy Award-winning track "Lonely Boy," off their critically-acclaimed 2011 album "El Camino." Like many other songs from the garage rock duo, "Lonely Boy" was also featured in a number of popular TV shows, including "The Vampire Diaries" and "Money Heist." And as far as the upcoming Pixar film goes, it's a jam that is not only perfect for the standalone story of Buzz Lightyear, but also for the now-grown-up "Toy Story" audience.

"IM BUZZ LIGHTYEAR IM ALWAYS SURE," tweeted @beeerooney, quoting a line that Buzz says in the trailer. "Also black keys' lonely boy," the user said. "I'm gonna be very happy."

Over the years, music — or good music, for that matter — has become a major theme in Pixar and Disney movies. The 2020 film "Soul," for example, featured tunes from Juilliard-trained musician and "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" bandleader Jon Batiste, who is a renowned Jazz and R&B artist. Baptiste wound up winning an Oscar, Grammy Award, and BAFTA for his work on the "Soul" soundtrack (via IMDb). "The jazz itself is almost like another character in the film," explained co-director Kemp Power in a video for Pixar's YouTube page

It's currently unclear if Pixar plans to use other Black Keys songs throughout "Lightyear," or if the "Lonely Boy" inclusion was a one-off. Either way, fans couldn't be more excited for the film.