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The Best Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode According To IMDb

There's just something so enthralling about watching "Criminal Minds." The police procedural ran for 15 seasons from 2005 to 2020, and each episode made viewers feel like they were part of the criminal profiler group. While watching, you'd feel compelled to analyze the evidence alongside the detectives to determine who was most likely to have committed the crime. It also helps that there was a compelling cast of characters, whose personal drama was the cherry on top of the crime cases. 

The best episodes of the series force the characters to think outside of the box and push their mettle to the limit. Every case presents its challenges, but the audience can always be reasonably confident the team will find a way to overcome any obstacles in their place and bring some semblance of closure to those affected by the crime. But great episodes will genuinely make you question whether the team will emerge victorious, which is precisely the case with arguably the best episode of "Criminal Minds" Season 7.

The Season 7 finale ran away with the grand prize

You can really get a sense of what episodes of a TV show are worth your time on IMDb. The platform allows viewers to rate every episode of a show, and when looking at "Criminal Minds" Season 7, it's clear which installment fans enjoyed the most. As tends to be the case, the show saved the best for last, and Season 7's "Run" has the top marks over all others. 

It's easy to see why. The season finale sees the team take on the Face Cards, which includes going head-to-head with the unidentifiable "Queen," who's planning her next violent move. 

The episode's amassed a rating of 8.5/10 with over 1,900 rankings to its name. Out of all of its ratings, an astonishing 746 people gave it a perfect 10/10. Several people were quick to sing the episode's praises by writing out full reviews, and one user commented, "'Run' is very stylishly and atmospherically made, as is always the case with 'Criminal Minds.'"

IMDb isn't the only place where you'll find fans sharing their love for the finale. Over on Reddit, one user started a thread by writing, "The Season 7 finale is an absolute masterpiece and deserves more recognition." It appears if you're going to go back and rewatch all of "Criminal Minds," you'll want to make sure you don't skip over "Run."