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Trek To Yomi: How To Save Your Game

As players dig into the classic samurai movie-inspired side-scroller "Trek to Yomi," they're quickly realizing that alongside its katana-wielding action and gorgeous aesthetic there are actually a few considerations to make when saving the game. The title doesn't make the process as simple as opening a menu and pushing a button. Instead, players have to locate specific locations in-game to save and they can't do so whenever they desire.

"Trek to Yomi" is a beautiful game but death can come swiftly on the higher difficulty settings. Thankfully, players can commence their journey again from the last save location if they meet an untimely end. Saving isn't as much of a concern as it can be in games like "Resident Evil" where players are limited by items, but the side-scroller still ensures those taking up the katana need to make mindful decisions. You need to find save shrines and then decide how best to use these precious resources.

Saving is a vital resource in Trek to Yomi

Taking advantage of every save opportunity is a must in "Trek to Yomi," and the save shrines even throw in the added benefit of fully healing players. You should keep your eyes peeled for shrines adorned with torii arches and pots, as these locations are where you will find the option to save. It's important to bear in mind that each save shrine can only be used once, so it's vital to make the most out of the heal and checkpoint.

A good strategy for players who still have plenty of health when reaching a save shrine is to press on a little further with caution. After taking down some enemies ahead they can then head back to the save shrine for a full heal. If you are already at low health, it's likely not worth the risk.