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The Funniest Thing About Ozark's Marty Byrde According To Fans

The end of "Ozark" is officially upon us. And with the final episodes of Netflix's pulse-pounding crime drama now available to be binged by the masses, it's safe to assume the hearts and minds of "Ozark" fans are set to be blown with them. Of course, if you've been watching "Ozark" since Season 1, they've likely been blown a few times already as the series has always taken clear pleasure in pushing its narrative into shocking, frequently bleak spaces.

Indeed, there isn't much Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his family haven't endured after throwing in with the Navarro Drug Cartel. And Bateman anchored every heart-stopping moment with a performance that can perhaps be best described as tightly-wound. Due to the understandably dour nature of the series' narrative, "Ozark" never gave Bateman much of a chance to showcase the snarky comedic chops his fans have come to adore in projects like "Arrested Development," "Horrible Bosses," and "Game Night," but nonetheless, it seems there is one aspect of his "Ozark" character fans still find truly hilarious. Here's what it is. 

Ozark fans love Marty's understated candor when he's under pressure

Per a recent Reddit thread, "Ozark" fans continue to get a kick out of how Bateman underplays Marty's reactions to threats against his family on the show — particularly when taking a phone call. That thread opened with u/taylordabrat re-posting a Tweet from @funnyjulius that stated, "Marty Byrde's poker face is hella funny. He be on the phone hearing 'I'm gonna kill ya family,' and be at the dinner table like, 'uhh, yeah well umm ... I hope it doesn't happen." Said Tweet apparently had u/taylordabrat in stitches as they commented, "saw this on Twitter and started dying lmao."

"Ozark" fans would probably be quick to tell you such moments were a regular occurrence over the series' run. They'd likely also tell you Bateman somehow managed to make each understated response unique in its own small way. Not surprisingly, quite a few of those fans took time to chime in on the initial post, with u/demonthecrazyprince stating that "Bateman is hilarious even if he's not Spose to be funny! His reactions and everything are hilarious to me," and u/skinnycarlo noting, "I love his "hmm ok.....well lets see about that...ok?"

Meanwhile, u/boozyjean18 posted that they found it hilarious how many of Marty's ponderous under-reactions came while he was casually posing, in their words, "With his hands always in his pockets." Still, at least one Redditor felt the need to point out that, hilarity aside, there's a reason Marty was so stayed in his reactions, with u/highlander2189 offering, "He knows that reactionary things get people killed. He has to stay chill." True to that, Marty's "chill" demeanor often managed to keep the Byrdes just on the right side of some very bad people. And yes, Bateman's line-readings in those scenes were some of the best in the entire series.