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Whatever Happened To Biaggi After Shark Tank?

Many of the bites "Shark Tank" investors have taken have paid off well, including Daymond John's nearly $40 million haul from a $200,000 investment in Bombas and Lori Greiner's $17.5 million return on a $350,000 contribution to Squatty Potty (via Investopedia). Viewers of Mark Burnett's CBS fixture, now in Season 13, have also been treated to advance looks at the Scrub Daddy, the Ring doorbell, Fat Shack restaurants, and endless fashion, comfort, and convenience brainstorms.

One pitch that checks all three of those boxes comes in Season 6, Episode 11 when Stephen Hersh, founder of luggage company Biaggi, shows off his folding luggage and touts its light weight, ease of storage, and designer look. John and Greiner initially make identical $500,000 offers for 33% of Biaggi, but John later backs out, saying that Greiner's QVC network is a better match for Hersh's products. Hersh is thrilled to go with Greiner, telling her "I know you could kill this on QVC and I'd be honored to work with you." 

But how have Biaggi bags fared since getting a bite on "Shark Tank," anyway?

Biaggi sold $2.5 million worth of bags on QVC alone in the first year

One year after Greiner bit on Hersh's pitch, they appeared together on Season 2, Episode 2 of "Beyond the Tank" to recap how their partnership was going. Hersh reports that they have sold $2.5 million worth of bags on QVC alone, and Greiner guides him on pushing a lightweight wheeled travel bag instead of his favored bigger and heavier pieces. Greiner says she is "excited for everything we're doing... we will double or triple our sales within the next six months."

The company has since expanded its offerings – also available at Biaggi.com – to include a wider variety of sizes and colors, in addition to laptop and garment bags and antimicrobial face masks. In 2016, Huffpost reported that QVC sold $5 million worth of just one product, the Zipsak, in one year, and Hersh told the outlet that, "Biaggi is a healthy company now, with a bright future." 

According to the Shark Tank Blog, Biaggi bags continue to sell well, with more than $5 million in revenue in 2021. Hersh credited the partnership with Greiner and QVC for not only bringing Biaggi back from the brink of bankruptcy, but comfortably into the black, telling The Island Now that "Going on 'Shark Tank' was kind of like a relaunch for us. It put us on the map and put some juice behind our product."