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Doctor Strange Is The Weirdest MCU Character

Doctor Stephen Strange, first introduced in his own standalone film in 2016, certainly contains multitudes. He's a talented brain surgeon! He's the victim of a tragic car accident! He's a wizard! He's a time-traveler obsessed with Rachel McAdams (get in line, buddy)! As played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange is a stand-offish, super-powerful wizard (well, depending on the movie), and in his second standalone feature and following several appearances in other MCU films, he's set to introduce audiences to even more of the famed multiverse.

That being said, there's a lot that's pretty strange weird about the good Doctor. For example, in his first movie, he's praised for his magical prowess... despite the fact that he actually kind of sucks at the whole magic thing. Then there's the fact that his powers seem to shift from crossover film to crossover film, turning him into a Deus ex Doctor Strange whose powers always perfectly suit the life-threatening situation. If you're a bit in the weeds with this Stephen Strange guy, don't worry for a second: Okay, So Basically on SnapChat and YouTube has you covered with an episode all about this world-bending part-time neurosurgeon.

In fact, Okay, So Basically — on YouTube and SnapChat — is here to help you out with all sorts of topic, from Stephen Strange's multiverse buddy Wanda Maximoff to every version of The Batman. As for "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," you can catch that in theaters now.