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Who Voices Ammit In Moon Knight Episode 6?

Contains spoilers for Episode 6 of "Moon Knight"

In what feels like the blink of an eye, Season 1 of Disney+'s "Moon Knight" has come to an end. The season's sixth and final episode finally dropped on May 4, capping off the grandiose adventure of its titular split-personality antihero and his bid to stop one of the most dangerous Egyptian gods from wreaking havoc on the mortal world. As is the case with most Marvel properties these days, the show left audiences with a slew of newfound questions and theories that could only be answered in a proper follow-up. However, to its credit, the finale episode did put a lot of burning questions to rest and shined a light on some of the show's long-running enigmas, including the true nature of the series' top villain.

Since the first episode of the series, many have been speculating whether Ammit, the Egyptian goddess of retribution that series antagonist Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) sought to unleash onto the world, would actually make an appearance. Episode 6 brought a satisfying answer to that question, with Ammit finally making a physical appearance in all of her CGI crocodile-headed glory. With as charismatic of a presence as the character ended up having, some viewers of the series may be wondering who voiced her. As it turns out, the actor in question has a pretty interesting professional history.

Saba Mubarak brought Ammit to life

For her appearance in the season finale, Ammit is voiced by none other than Jordanian actor Saba Mubarak. While Mubarak hasn't made many other major appearances in the Western realm of film and television, she's a very well-established presence in Egyptian cinema, having racked up numerous credits over the past few decades as both an actor and a producer. Some of the properties Mubarak has been involved with include the 2012 action-thriller film "Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation," the 2015 fantasy series "The Covenant," and the 2018 drama series "Tayea."

It feels right to get someone of Mubarak's pedigree to play Ammit, especially considering how important Egyptian culture and mythology has been to crafting the world of "Moon Knight." Mubarak's performance lends the series another well-appreciated bit of authenticity. Only time will tell whether the actor returns to voice Ammit in future seasons of "Moon Knight" or even another Marvel film or series entirely, but as for now, she's batting 100 as the goddess of retribution.