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What Is The Song At The Beginning Of Moon Knight Episode 6?

Episode 5 of Marvel's "Moon Knight" left fans with a massive cliffhanger concerning the fate of Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and his alternate identity Steven Grant, the latter of whom seemed to meet a grisly demise in the episode's climactic final moments. Much of Episode 5 was dedicated to Spector and Grant's attempts to reconcile the fact that they were two split personalities sharing the same body. By the end of the episode the two finally seem to connect, accepting each other as an essential part of their shared life.

Tragically, this reconciliation is incredibly short-lived, as Grant suddenly finds himself consumed by the sands of the Duat (an Egyptian equivalent to Purgatory) and is seemingly erased from existence. The immensity of this loss is driven home by the use of the song "Más Allá del Sol," a Mexican hymn that is frequently performed at funerals to say goodbye to a loved one. 

One of "Moon Knight's" greatest strengths is the way it consistently uses its soundtrack to emphasize its themes and plot points — and this trend continues at the start of Episode 6.

Earl Grant's 'The End' gives us a hint about Spector and Grant's fate

Surprisingly, Episode 6 immediately picks up from the end of Episode 4, "The Tomb," when Marc Spector was shot and killed by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) inside Ammit's tomb. We watch as Harrow pulls Spector's dead body out of a pool of water, while "The End" by Earl Grant plays in the background. "The End" was released in September 1958 and peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States (via MusicVF.com). Though the song was performed by Earl Grant, its music and lyrics are credited to Jimmy Krondes and Sid Jacobson.

The use of "The End" in these first few moments not only emphasizes the fact that this is the final episode of "Moon Knight" Season 1, but also hints thematically at what is going to happen later in the episode. The main focus of "The End" is the fact that some things can live on forever in our hearts, even long after they've ended in the corporeal world. In this, the show makes it clear that, though Spector and Grant may be dead, their story is far from over. 

Indeed, Spector and Grant do manage to come back from the afterlife a short while later, reuniting with the Egyptian God Khonshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham) to reclaim their powers once more. The use of Earl Grant's "The End" at the beginning of Episode 6 is yet another example of the masterful way that "Moon Knight" uses music to enhance its story.