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What Is The Song At The End Of Moon Knight Episode 5?

One of the most interesting things about the Marvel Disney+ show "Moon Knight" is the way the series incorporates authentic Egyptian music throughout nearly each and every episode. Egyptian culture and mythology are essential components of "Moon Knight," most notably due to the fact that series protagonist Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) serves as a vessel for the Egyptian god Khonshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham).

Though the series begins in London, Marc and his alternate personality Steven Grant (also played by Isaac) eventually make their way to Cairo on the orders of Khonshu. In Episode 5, titled "The Asylum," the duo actually enters the mythological Egyptian underworld, known as the Duat, after Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) shoots Steven in the final moments of Episode 4. Through it all, the series features music from Egyptian composer Hesham Nazih, as well as music from contemporary and classical Egyptian artists (via Film Music Reporter). Some of the more notable examples include Ahmed Saad's "El Melouk" (an Egyptian mahraganat song featured in Episode 2), and Abdel Halim Hafez's more classical song "Shaghalony," which appears in Episode 3.

All told, it's clear that the series has a serious commitment to using authentic Egyptian music to emphasize the show's connection to Egyptian culture, which is why it seems odd that Episode 5 ends with a hymn that originated in Mexico.

Episode 5 ends with the song Más Allá del Sol

The song heard at the end of Episode 5 of "Moon Knight" is the Spanish-language hymn "Más Allá del Sol," which translates to "Beyond the Sun" in English. The end credits of the episode clarify that the version we hear in "Moon Knight" was arranged and performed by Manuel Bonilla. However, it's possible that the version we hear is one performed by Bonilla and Santiago Stevenson, as it sounds remarkably similar to a version available on YouTube

"Más Allá del Sol" was originally composed by Emiliano Ponce, a pastor of the Adventist Church in Mexico City (via Historias en Armonía). The hymn is traditionally sung at funerals in Mexico and throughout other Latin American countries, and many viewers on Twitter were incredibly excited to see the song represented on a show as massive as "Moon Knight." Though the song may not completely fit in with the largely Egyptian-focused soundtrack "Moon Knight" has become known for, the song does have a very powerful connection to the ending of Episode 5.

The ending of Episode 5 sees Marc Spector finally reconcile with his alternate personality, Steven Grant, only for Steven to seemingly die a few moments later when he falls into the sands of the Duat. Steven's death finally balances the scales weighing Marc's heart. He is transported to the Field of Reeds, or what we recognize as the afterlife, as the hymn begins to play. Considering the fact that "Más Allá Del Sol" is primarily used to say goodbye to a loved one, and wish them well for their journey "beyond the sun," its use in the episode is an incredibly poignant way to emphasize Marc's grief over the loss of Steven and his traumatic trip into his memories.