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The Family Guy Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Alongside "The Simpsons" and "South Park," Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy" is widely considered one of the staples of adult animated television. Since it began in 1999, it has proven incredibly successful among late night viewers, critics, and awards organizations (the show has won eight of the 28 Primetime Emmys it's been nominated for). "Family Guy" has also placed high on many publications' lists of the greatest animated shows ever made, squeezing into the top ten in the TV Guide ranking.

The appeal of a series like "Family Guy" lies in its irreverent humor and crass comedic style. It frequently satirizes everything from modern politics to well-known movies and TV shows. It does this through the weird and wonderful inhabitants of Quahog, Rhode Island, like the rational-minded, anthropomorphic dog Brian and the young son of the Griffin family, the devious evil genius Stewie.

A lot of memorable characters have popped up on "Family Guy" over the years, but which one do you most resemble in terms of your personality? If you're curious about which "Family Guy" character most directly illustrates the qualities of your zodiac sign, read on.

Aries — Joe

Aries are the natural risk-takers in life, motivated almost entirely by their inherent desire to come in first place. Driven by their extremely competitive nature, they throw themselves headfirst at challenges, acting impulsively and emotionally rather than rationally. It's this hot-headedness that characterizes Joe Swanson, the local police officer in Quahog, the Griffin family's next-door neighbor, and one of Peter's best friends. Joe never backs down from a challenge and is sometimes at odds with his friends over his dedication to the law (he's arrested several of them over the years).

Aries are known for being thrill-seekers, deriving excitement out of situations most other people would consider too dangerous or extreme. Joe's employment as a police officer could be seen as evidence of this, but an even more apt illustration is when he regains the use of his legs and turns into an adventurous, arrogant jock who becomes frustrated when his wife and friends can't keep up with his new, active lifestyle.

Another Aries trait is a tendency to fly off the handle when things don't go to plan, something that can definitely be seen with Joe. They rarely apologize for their outbursts, seldom seeing themselves as wrong when it comes to a dispute. Because of their impulsivity and hot-headed nature, Aries are usually responsible for their own suffering, something that can be seen time and time again with Joe, who loves to bore the guys with his pointless stories.

Taurus — Lois

Lois may be prone to selfishness and anger from time to time, but the matriarch of the Griffin family has proven herself far more level-headed, stern, and practical than her immature husband. Lois just wants things to be normal and for her family to live in quiet, domestic bliss (this is especially true in the earlier seasons of "Family Guy"). This is usually the biggest hope of a Taurus, a zodiac sign known for prioritizing stability above all else.

Having a set routine and then sticking to it is what characterizes a Taurus — they're creatures of habit who crave structure and predictability. An Earth sign all the way, they're homebodies that don't do well when confronted with something outside the norm, usually displaying a stubborn desire to return to the conditions that they thrive in.

Lois has all the characteristics of a Taurus: She's a big homebody who loves things a certain way and she hates when somebody disrupts the family's normal lifestyle, which she's worked so hard to cultivate. Because of this, she has a tendency to lose her cool when Peter and the kids upset the established order of things.

Gemini — Chris

The oldest kid in the Griffin household, high school student Chris Griffin isn't exactly the most studious character in "Family Guy," though he does sometimes display street smarts, which the other family members lack. Intuitive and able to learn quickly on their feet, Geminis ask questions and probe for answers. On the surface, Chris might appear to possess a below-average intelligence, but his constant curiosity and desire to learn more about any given subject mirrors the personality and characteristics of a Gemini.

Geminis are an interesting sign due to their seemingly large amount of contradictions. Symbolized by twins, most Geminis tend to be flexible, possessing almost two personalities in one. They can be introverted and extroverted depending on their surroundings, though they are well-known for being lost in their own thoughts.

These traits can be found in Chris, someone who is placidly in the background in one scene, then taking center stage and hogging the spotlight for himself in the next. There's scarcely a dull moment when Chris is featured in either a main or supporting role in an episode — something that can certainly be said about most Geminis as well.

Cancer — Peter

Peter sees himself as the leader of his family, but his immature antics and erratic behavior often make him a liability to the Griffin clan. Like Chris, Peter's personality is an ever-changing stream. In later seasons, he frequently appears to go out of his way to avoid spending time with his family, but will also begrudgingly admit how much his wife and children mean to him in a sporadic display of fatherly emotion. In astrology, this is a tell-tale sign of a Cancer, someone who uses a hardened exterior to hide the mushier, more emotional layer beneath the surface.

A water sign, Cancers tend to flow in various directions, their personality changing from day to day as they inherit new interests and interact with new people. They are known for their extreme sensitivity, and are easily wounded when anyone offends them in some way, however small the insult might be. These characteristics can plainly be seen with Peter, someone who adopts new hobbies on an almost weekly basis and who is comically thin-skinned, taking offense whenever anyone — especially Lois — disagrees with him or challenges his view of things. Peter's marriage has had its ups and down, but at the end of the day he's a family guy, even if he very rarely shows it.

Leo — Cleveland

Leos are bold, outgoing, confident, and extremely caring people. They mean well, and are passionate in everything they do. Possessing an acute sense of showmanship, they have flamboyant, in-your-face personalities and love being at the center of things — all qualities that can be seen in Cleveland Brown, one of Peter's best friends. Cleveland is perhaps the most level headed and rational of Peter's pals, often acting as the voice of reason within the group. That said, he's still been known to cut loose and have a good time with his buddies. Loyal and fun-loving, Cleveland illustrates all the personal qualities you'd expect in a Leo.

Leos thrive in the spotlight, having a flair for dramatic presentation and always wanting to be the star of the show (this tallies with Cleveland, who leads his own spin-off series, "The Cleveland Show"). Valuing loyalty above all else, Leos have a firm sense of personal honor and hold others to that same high standard. They are trusting to a fault, feeling the deepest personal pain whenever that trust is undermined. This is a quality that is similarly rooted in Cleveland's character. He trusts his friends and is hurt when they betray his confidence — whether it's Peter accidentally shooting his son while on the Neighborhood Watch, or Quagmire sleeping with his first wife behind his back.

Virgo — Mort

Mort Goldman is the owner and operator of Goldman's Pharmacy in Quahog, a gawky man plagued by a variety of health problems who isn't above sharing personal information about himself or his customers with others. Mort is a businessman through and through, always seeking to make some sort of profit. He's definitely one of the most savvy characters in "Family Guy," with many of his traits seeming to align with that of a Virgo.

Virgos are deep-thinkers with keen, analytical minds that are always churning out new ideas and solutions to problems. They're notoriously obsessed with cleanliness and are more likely to be hypochondriacs than most other zodiac signs. They're also famously highly-strung, stemming from their perpetually restless minds. This often makes them appear tense and somewhat stressed out. These are all things that can be said about Mort, a sensitive soul with an overwhelming need to succeed in life.

For all his intelligence, Mort lacks social skills, frequently making attempts at light-hearted conversation that come across as forced, awkward, and one-sided. This is another sign of his inner Virgo coming out, as Virgos are well-known for having difficulty in expressing themselves. Mort's hopelessly poor conversational abilities make for some hilarious gags, but they're also a dead giveaway that he's a Virgo.

Libra — Brian

It's hard to remember a time when Brian was the main voice of reason on "Family Guy," given how selfish and vapid the character has become in the more recent seasons. Even at his worst, though, Brian's antics pale in comparison to those of most other "Family Guy" characters (especially Peter and his friends) and he's still the most sensible Griffin. In the show's earlier seasons, Brian's often sobering view of things made him an even more responsible figure in the household than Lois. This is very much evidence of a Libra personality — someone who is frank, straightforward, and emotionally balanced, letting reason dictate their actions.

Libras are figures of high intelligence, concerned primarily with maintaining stability and seeking justice. Not only does Brian concern himself with overseeing the Griffin household, he is a fierce advocate for groups that he feels are underrepresented in society. And, like most Libras, Brian's ultimate fear is being alone, something he works hard to counteract with his numerous romantic affairs that unfortunately tend to go nowhere.

Libras are also terrified of monotony and routine. They want exciting, eventful lives, something that Brian hopes to one day achieve with his writing career. His literary aspirations and affinity for the arts frequently make Brian the butt of the joke, with many characters plainly seeing him as pretentious. Sadly, due to their intellect and outlook on life, Libras are often misconceived as being arrogant or vain.

Scorpio — Stewie

Scorpios have fierce, analytical minds that thrive on the advancement of knowledge. With that description in mind, nobody fits the mold of a Scorpio better than the young son of the Griffin family, Stewie. An evil genius from birth, Stewie is far and away the most intelligent character on the show, capable of building multiple versions of his time machine, teleportation machines, and devices that allow him to explore alternate universes.

Scorpios are a complex sign, just like Stewie is a complex character. In the early seasons of "Family Guy," he is usually portrayed in an antagonistic role, plotting the death of his mother and showing little remorse over his heinous actions. More recently, however, Stewie has evolved into a slightly more caring and compassionate person who uses his intelligence not for destruction, but to feed his own intellectual curiosity.

However, Stewie, like any Scorpio, still prioritizes being in control over all else. They hate being bossed around, and prefer to assert their authority over others rather than being told what to do. Stewie frequently acts as the leader during his adventures with Brian, and he becomes an autocratic tyrant who creates laws that only serve his own interests after becoming President of the World in the Season 6 episodes "Stewie Kills Lois" and "Lois Kills Stewie."

Sagittarius — Quagmire

If you're a Sagittarius then you love life and all its infinite possibilities. They are forever searching for pleasure and adventure, often chasing unattainable goals that require them to be constantly moving, indulging in everything that life throws at them (good or bad). One of Peter's closest friends, Glenn Quagmire perfectly encapsulates a Sagittarian mindset. A pilot by trade and famously promiscuous in his personal life, Quagmire hates the thought of settling down, resulting in dozens of casual and meaningless trysts with women that only temporarily satisfy his seemingly unquenchable lust.

The Sagittarius is a free-spirited soul. They are spontaneous and avoid responsibilities, reflected in Quagmire's desire to always be around his friends having fun or engaging in some sort of romantic affair. They also have a tendency to take on an overly confident, charismatic persona. However, this confidence sometimes steers the Sagittarius into trouble, as they are so focused on their goals that they fail to see the repercussions of their actions — an example being Quagmire constantly pining after Lois or sleeping with Loretta, putting his friendships with Peter and Cleveland in jeopardy.

In addition to their endless supply of charisma, these fire signs are also known for their intelligence, although not quite as much as the aforementioned signs. This has been comically played out on "Family Guy," with Quagmire analytically pointing out Brian's character flaws and arguably proving himself more intelligent than Brian.

Capricorn — Carter

Capricorns are perfectionists at heart. They hold themselves to an incredibly high standard, and are disappointed when that standard isn't met. As a result, they often set themselves up for failure. It's because of this that they are frequently seen as being judgmental, rude, snobbish, or obsessed with success. These are the qualities that define Carter Pewterschmidt, the wealthy father of Lois. Looking down upon the slovenly Peter — who he views as being a poor match for his Lois — Carter is an elitist. He wants nothing more than to sit back and enjoy the immense wealth he's gained through his cutthroat business ventures.

The only things Carter truly cares about are his money and his accomplishments. He doesn't appear to hold his family in very high regard, frequently ridiculing Lois, her sister Carol, Peter, and his grandchildren. It's not all bad, however. Carter is an extreme example of a Capricorn's worst and best tendencies — he's an old meanie, sure, but his competitive nature and desire to prove himself have made him a success in life.

The thing about Capricorns is that they are rarely happy with what they have, always striving to obtain more. They don't derive satisfaction simply from coming in first place, but also from knowing that other people came in second and third place as well. However, this is more a reflection of them trying to prove themselves, rather than simply ridiculing the flaws of their competition.

Aquarius — Adam West

An Aquarius will stand out in a crowd whether they want to or not. With their wonderfully unusual personalities, they are often the most interesting person at a party. "Family Guy" characters don't get any more memorably strange than Adam West, the eccentric mayor of Quahog whose position as the town's leader is juxtaposed by his extremely quirky behavior. An endlessly odd person, many of Mayor West's antics are shown to be exceptionally weird even in the framework of "Family Guy." In the past, audiences have seen him trying to stab the ocean to death, roll around in toxic waste to gain superpowers, and use a crossbow that fires cats. Also, he's 95% helium and is secretly a brainwashed Russian sleeper agent.

Just like Carter is an extreme example of a Capricorn, Mayor West's representation of Aquarius qualities is an exaggerated one. However remarkable their personalities are, these air signs tend to play up their most unique characteristics in order to make them stand apart from others. They hate being labeled and are always attempting to avoid classifications — their greatest fear is to be seen as boring. Cleveland once theorized that West plays a buffoon in his everyday life in order to mask his true personality, that of a dangerous sociopath. The real Adam West (who died 2017) was a Virgo, but his character in "Family Guy" is all Aquarius.

Pisces — Meg

The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces know who they are and what they want, but they are divided between the idyllic dream world of their imagination and the often cruel reality they find themselves in. Such a description perfectly sums up the only daughter in the Griffin family, Meg. Commonly seen as a punching bag, she is far and away the most normal member of the family — almost shockingly so.

Meg's regular life is usually misconstrued by friends and family members as being boring and bland. She's frequently mocked for her personality, appearance, and low social standing in high school. Despite how poorly she's treated, Meg still generally displays emotional level-headedness, trying — and almost always failing — to climb the social ladder. That said, Meg is arguably at her happiest when she's doing her own thing and pursuing her own goals rather than trying to impress others.

Meg also illustrates the best quality of a Pisces — selflessness — numerous times throughout "Family Guy." In one particularly poignant moment, she finally stands up for herself, resulting in the family lashing out at each other. Realizing she's the pin who holds the family together — with everyone bonding and putting aside their differences to mock her — Meg sacrifices her own happiness so they can resume making fun of her. Like any good Pisces, she's always willing to put the interests of others ahead of her own.