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The Best Curse Of Oak Island Episode From Season 1 According To IMDb

For many years now, brothers Marty and Rick Lagina have searched high and low on Oak Island in their hunt for treasures beyond imagining. This mythical quest all stems from a magazine article that was published decades ago that describes some of the reported valuables left behind on the landmass. Along with a team of like-minded individuals, "The Curse of Oak Island" has provided many hours of entertainment for years now, and while they haven't really found much anything of value yet, tomorrow's always another day. 

It can be challenging to pinpoint the moment most people became hooked on the series. Many individuals have followed in the Lagina's footsteps and have become obsessed with the idea that treasure is hidden somewhere on the island. While this is merely a guess, we'd surmise most people became enlightened as to how good the series would become during its first season when a massive discovery unfolded.

The Find offered evidence of the island's value

Not every episode of "The Curse of Oak Island" results in some groundbreaking find. Often, an episode will tease a potential discovery only to pull the curtains back and reveal that nothing was there all along. It can become frustrating, but that only makes the instances when the team does find something all the more powerful. That was the case with the final episode of Season 1 — "The Find."

The episode entails the team continuing their excavation to see if they can find something of value. While they hadn't had the best of luck up until that point, the tide changes, and they come across an old Spanish coin. In the following episode, they have it cleaned, and it's dated to the year 1652. The discovery gives them the boost of confidence they need to continue their hunt for even more treasures potentially hidden throughout the island. 

It's easy to see why the episode, which has amassed a rating of 8.1/10 out of nearly 100 reviews, was a hit with fans. It actually involves the team finding something, and it wouldn't be the last time they came across something of value. "The Find" proved there was something to all the myths surrounding Oak Island, and it's kept fans invested all these years later.