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The Best Leonard Scene In Community According To Fans

When considering the most beloved sitcoms of the last decade, it would be hard for anyone to ignore "Community." The series, which debuted on NBC in 2009, continues to top critics' lists as one of the best TV shows of all time (via Empire) and maintains a dedicated cult following of die-hard fans. One reason that "Community" continues to be loved by so many is because of its unique cast. The series, which takes place at a zany community college, features a plethora of students from all walks of life. In addition to a number of interesting series regulars, "Community" also features a variety of fun recurring characters. 

For much of the series, Leonard (Richard Erdman), a business student of Greendale Community College since the '70s, is the bane of Jeff Winger's (Joel McHale) existence. Indeed, the duo's rivalry and hatred for one another make for some of the most memorable moments in the history of the series. While Erdman played the cynical and angry old man in over 50 episodes, fans agree that there's one Leonard scene in "Community" that stands above the rest.

Fans say that Leonard accusing Jeff is one of the funniest Community moments

At numerous points throughout the series, Leonard appears to poke fun at Jeff during the protagonist's lower moments. Never one to turn the cheek, Jeff always cruelly responds, "Shut up, Leonard" and follows it with a witty one-liner that normally leaves Leonard speechless. Of course, in addition to making for a fun recurring bit, the phrase perfectly showcases the contempt that the two share for one another.

Reddit fans agree that one of the best Leonard moments is when the aged student accuses Jeff of eating all the macaroni. It's unclear when or where Jeff ate the macaroni, but it's evidently enough to get Leonard riled up. Jeff responds, "Shut up Leonard, nobody even knows what you're talking about." After Leonard leaves, Jeff whispers to Britta (Gillian Jacobs), "I did eat all the macaroni. It's messed up that he knows."

Reddit user u/luca_saa posted screenshots from the hilarious Leonard moment on r/Community, where it received over 20,000 likes, making it one of the highest-rated posts on the subreddit. In another thread debating the best Leonard moment, u/curbyourentropy said, "The macaroni accusation is one of the most delightfully out-of-left-field moments in the show. That Jeff ultimately does know exactly what Leonard's talking about makes it even better. So funny." In another thread, u/snesfreak called the scene a standout in the series, writing, "Not only my favorite Shut Up Leonard, but one of my favorite lines in the entire series."

Seeing as there are dozens of memorable Leonard scenes in "Community," it's hard to find the most definitive one, but it certainly seems safe to say that the character's unexpected macaroni accusation holds a special place in the hearts of many fans.