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Maria Meets The Voice Of Netflix In Lady Dynamite Season 2 Teaser

The Netflix machine has approved Maria Bamford's Lady Dynamite for a second season on the streaming network, and you can watch the first teaser for the new episodes now.

Based on the life of beloved comedian Maria Bamford, Lady Dynamite premiered on Netflix in July 2016 with a 12-episode first season that made waves with critics for its manic blend of laugh-a-minute humor and mental illness-based melancholy. It follows a fictionalized version of the pug-loving, elastic-voiced comic as she tries to put her career in Hollywood back together after a mental breakdown drove her out of California back to her family home in Duluth.

The teaser, which is focused entirely on Maria pitching a show to Netflix, is a good little encapsulation of the show's extremely meta tendencies. Netflix is naturally represented by an opaque box which eschews artistic merit in its content for the needs of its algorithm, and for unexplained reasons, Bamford attends the meeting looking like a Las Vegas runaway bride. Will it make more sense in the context of the show? Oh... maybe.

According to the synopsis, this new season "finds our precious Maria embarking on her greatest adventure ever—love. Maria will use all the wrong lessons learned in childhood as she navigates her new relationship status with family, friends and pugs. She also lands a new gig at a streaming network that may or may not be owned by Elon Musk."

Created by South Park's Pam Brady and Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz, Lady Dynamite also stars Ana Gasteyer as Maria's brash and vulgar agent Karen, who gets results when it comes to show business, as you can see in the teaser clip. In addition to Bamford and Gasteyer, the show stars Fred Melamed, Mary Kay Place, Ed Begley, Jr., Mo Collins and Olafur Darri.

Lady Dynamite returns to Netflix for its second season on November 10. Check out some of the other best programming on the streaming service with our feature on the 25 best exclusive Netflix releases.