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The Best American Pickers Season 2 Episode According To IMDb

Currently in its 23rd season, "American Pickers" has been a mainstay on History for quite some time. Even before Mike Wolfe and his former co-star Frank Fritz established themselves as a cornerstone of reality television, the early seasons of "American Pickers" displayed all of the heart and passion for antiques and the people who own them that would make the show the hit it is.

Season 2 of "American Pickers" sees Mike and Frank travel across the United States and come across some truly interesting repositories of valuable and historical items. Season 2 kicks off with Mike pining over a 1950s Studebaker, and the season just gets more in-depth from there! Other episodes from Season 2 feature Mike and Frank coming across a huge collection of vintage signs, a warehouse filled with Harley Motorcycle items, a 300-pound boot, a farmhouse jam-packed with inherited treasures, and even an episode that features Mike's young nephew as he goes on his first "pick." Considering all there is to choose from, which episode could be considered the best of Season 2, at least according to users on IMDb?

Hobo Jack is the highest rated episode of American Pickers Season 2, according to IMDb users

According to the averaged ratings of IMDb users, the top episode of "American Pickers" Season 2 is Episode 9, titled "Hobo Jack." This installment boasts a 7.7/10 with 28 votes cast as of the time of writing. For comparison, the season's lowest-rated episode, "Pint-Sized Picker," has a score of just 6.8/10. 

"Hobo Jack" is one of the first times "American Pickers" interacts with Jack Sophir, aka Hobo Jack. Despite his moniker, Hobo Jack actually owns a vast collection of antiques on his property, and is also an accomplished author and musician. Besides crawling through Hobo Jack's impressive collection, other moments of this episode include a vintage stash of Victorian-era erotica, as well as the time spent with the titular colorful character himself. Although there are no written reviews for "Hobo Jack" on IMDb, the score of this episode is indicative of a positive response from fans, and that's probably why Hobo Jack becomes a reoccurring trend on "American Pickers."